A French media reported on January 14 (Time in France) that Netflix is currently testing “spatial audio” feature of AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.
Spatial audio feature will only be available through these two products and it will be supported by iOS14 and iPadOS 14. It adjusts the location where sound is coming from based on the location of a user’s head. It provides an immersive experience similar to that of a movie theater as it places sound in many directions.

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<Apple’s headphone “AirPods Max” provides the spatial audio feature. (Source: Apple)>

However, the feature is likely to be available only to those who pay for the most expensive plan of Netflix as it is applied with “Dolby Atmos” sound technology that provides a 360° surround sound that is only available with the premium Netflix plan. This is why there is a possibility that AirPods Pro’s spatial audio feature, which is being tested by Netflix, will also be available only to those with thre premium Netflix plan.
It is not clear when Netflix plans to launch the feature for the two products. However, the industry predicts that a limited feature will become available sometime in the first half this year.
Staff Reporter Yang, Minha | mh.yang@etnews.com