Joy Drone (President Cho Hyeong-kyu) announced on Tuesday that the company supplied its AI-based highway patrol drones to Korea Expressway Corporation.
Its patrol drones are able to patrol without being controlled by people and perform various tasks by flying over locations where it is difficult for people to patrol.
The drone is able to find debris on a highway early and prevent a possible accident and fly over areas where there are constant traffic and accidents and monitor in real time. It is equipped with a 30x zoom camera and is able to provide images of blind spots that were not captured by cameras from other drones in HD quality.
Once it detects an unusual situation, a control center is able to halt the drone over the location and operate the drone’s speaker and LED light to give a warning to drivers. Car accidents can be prevented as a control center is able to quickly make follow-up actions once a drone detects an unusual situation.

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<Joy Drone’s patrol drone supplied to Korea Expressway Corporation >

After Korea Expressway Corporation recently tested Joy Drone’s patrol drone at Geumho Junction and W. Daegu IC, it was able to greatly save time and reduce patrol time for personnel responsible for patrol and save cost of purchasing CCTVs by using Joy Drone’s patrol drone. It was also able to prevent an accident by safely guiding passengers to a safe location.
Based on these results, Joy Drone and Korea Expressway Corporation are looking into having every branch of the corporation using Joy Drone’s patrol drones. Joy Drone is continuing to improve its AI technology in order to develop a more effective automatic drone patrol system that is able to perform more tasks such as looking for illegal lane changes.
“We expect that our patrol drones will be able to greatly reduce number of negligent accidents on highways.” said President Cho. “We plan to optimize our drones’ ability to monitor through its PRPP (Play-Rewind-Pause-Play) function and induce demands from various monitoring markets that are looking to utilize drones.”
Meanwhile, Joy Drone that is a tenant company of Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement has displayed its products at Korea Robot Center that was established by the institute in Hangzhou and is currently talking with a foreign company about exporting its products. It will be able to induce agreements to supply its patrol drones to public agencies in Indonesia, Thailand, India, and the United States in the near future.
Staff Reporter Jung, Jaehoon |