SD Optics, a South Korean company specializing in 3D digital optical lenses, announced on Wednesday that it is set to supply microscope modules with its digital lens “MALS (Mirror Array Lens System)” to Carl Zeiss.
Carl Zeiss, which has its headquarters in Germany, is a company that has dominance over the optical and photoelectronic fields. It recently launched its next-generation 3D microscope called “Visioner 1”. This microscope fixed a disadvantage of existing microscopes that have difficulties with focus before observing objects due to low depth of field and it is able to quickly observe an object by enlarging depth of field in real time.
Microscope modules with MALS will be used for this microscope. Carl Zeiss was able to vastly improve its 3D digital microscopy technology by using MALS. With its technology that is able to set focus automatically without an actuator, Carl Zeiss was able to realize a lens variable speed of 12,800 times which is 100 times faster than any other existing system.
SD Optics has developed various optical technologies with Carl Zeiss using its MALS technology. Their achievements were applied as joint patents. SD Optics plans to continue to develop various 3D modules with Carl Zeiss in order to improve performance of other microscopes of Carl Zeiss besides Visioner 1.

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<Microscope module supplied by SD Optics to Carl Zeiss (Source: SD Optics)>

“It is very meaningful that our digital lens technology is recognized by Carl Zeiss that is world-renowned in lens technology.” said a spokesperson for SD Optics.
The company expects that its MALS technology is able to replace expensive cameras and parts that are currently used for vision inspection equipment.
It said that based on its experience of materializing triaxial micro mirror operating technology, which requires a high degree of difficulty, through MEMS (Micro-Electromechanical System), it plans to continue to develop lenses that can be used for 3D mobile cameras, car cameras, and cameras used for artificial intelligence robots.
Besides MALS, the company also sells systems that examine small and fine parts such as mobile lens parts, camera parts, and electronic components. In South Korea, it currently supplies such systems to Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display and their partners, LG Innotek, and partners of Apple.
Staff Reporter Kang, Hyeryung |