LSDTech (President Kim Seung-wook), a South Korea-based company that specializes in high-performance servers, announced on July 21 that it launched L4205S-5G and L4210S-10G models that have 5 GPUs and 10 to 20 GPUs in 4U server respectively.
The industry is mostly made up of 4U servers that have GPUs in units of 4 or 8 GPUs. It is difficult to improve performance of 4U server that have more than 8 GPUs. Because PCI-e slot that is processed by CPU is already defined due to the dual-route structure of GPU server, it is more advantageous to perform distributed processing to many users rather than to process multiple CPUs together.
“By using multi CPU that combines dual-route and single-route abilities in order to overcome this architecture, our GPU server has all ten GPUs perform and can improve its performance up to 130%.” said a representative for LSDTech.

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“Our server had gone through a TensorFlow test for measuring machine learning performance and 3DMark benchmark test that corresponds to graphic operation ability.” said the same representative for the company. “By going through official benchmark tests such as FLOPS (FLoating point Operations Per Second) test that corresponds to hardware performance of a server, we found out that our GPU server’s performance is ahead of other companies’ GPU servers’ performance in every aspect.”
The company’s GPU server can utilize RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) card, network card (10 Gbps to 100 Gbps), and HBA (Host Bus Adapter) card on a GPU board. Despite its outstanding performance, it also has the industry’s first and best hybrid feature that can utilize DISK IO of 10GB/sec and network performance of 12GB/sec in different combinations. The company has also secured customers by delivering its server to a legal artificial intelligence (AI) company called Intellicon, night vision CCTV AI developer called Unisem, and voice AI-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) company called WIGO and going through various tests and proved stability of the server.
“Our latest hybrid GPU server exceeds limitations of our competitors’ GPU servers and it can be used to improve performance and reduce costs.” said President Kim Seung-wook. “We are going to use the server as the key product for our GPU server rental service for data centers that we are pursuing ambitiously.”
Staff Reporter Lee, Joonhee |