LSDTech (CEO Kim Seung-wook), which specializes in high-performance server, announced on July 14 that it supplied its high-performance server to Samsung Electronics for Samsung Electronics’ next core business system. By doing so, it has been able to secure customers from various fields such as Samsung Electronics’ subsidiaries, the financial sector, and government agencies.
Although the company had been designing servers that process high-performance parallel input/output (I/O) through custom SSD (Solid State Drive), it recently adjusted how it develops its products as it decided to use Samsung Electronics’ SSD.

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<LSDTech’s high-performance server>

The company believes that it has enough competitive edge globally by proving that it has sufficient abilities to process high-performance parallel I/O through a collaboration with Samsung Electronics’ SSD development team.
It is going to develop products with enhanced parallel processing performance of CPU and GPU and expand its business towards the deep learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) computing field that has been growing rapidly recently.
“In this second half, we are planning to introduce high-performance GPU servers that are in high demands within the voice communication and AI fields as the global society has its paradigm shift towards “untact” society.” said CEO Kim Seung-wook of LSDTech.
Staff Reporter Ahn, Soomin |