As cloud service management has become more important, small to midsize companies that specialize in such business are starting to distinguish themselves. They have expanded their businesses towards the cloud service management field and are pioneering new markets.
Namu Tech entered the desktop virtual market when it was established in 2001 and it has established its position within the network separation market. 2017 was the year when Namu Tech became serious with cloud business.
It entered the cloud market when it introduced its own cloud service management platform three years ago. Its platform is optimal for a company that uses various cloud computing platforms such as AWS (Amazon Web Service) and Microsoft (MS).
Its platform allows a developer to operate and manage multiple cloud computing platforms at the same time. As number of companies that adopt more than one cloud computing platform increases, Namu Tech’s platform is also drawing popularity. It has been making double-digit growth every year in recent years.
Namu Tech is also drawing attention overseas such as Vietnam and Japan. In order to deal with foreign markets, it opened a R&D center in Vietnam. Starting with Vietnam this year, it is going to expand overseas towards China and South-East Asia.
“Based on our references with major companies, we are growing as a company that has competitive edge within the cloud computing platform market.” said CEO Jung Cheol of Namu Tech. “By making our technologies even more advanced, we are going to become a hub for artificial intelligence (AI), Smart city, and blockchain data.”

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Infranics started its business with an IT infrastructure management solution twenty years ago. Since then, its solution is used by 300 private companies such as Samsung and LG and public agencies. However, its business has begun to change as its customers’ IT infrastructures have surpassed on-premises software and gradually expanded towards outside cloud computing platforms.
Infranics officially started its MSP (Managed Service Provider) business when it launched a cloud infrastructure management platform in 2015. Starting with KT, it is going to cooperate with major public cloud companies. Its technology covers not only IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) management, but it also covers PaaS (Platform as a Service) management as well. It is also gaining experiences within the pubic cloud market as it was recently selected as the business that would establish a next-generation e-government cloud platform for Ministry of the Interior and Safety.
TmaxSoft is also expanding its business towards the cloud market through its strengths in on-premises operating system (OS) and database management system (DBMS) operation. It expanded its business towards the cloud consulting field last year and targeted markets that lead up to cloud service. At the end of last year, it announced its plan to enter the cloud market by working with KT. It also chose cloud as its new business during Tmax Day that is the biggest annual event for TmaxSoft. It is expected that it will focus on informing others about Tmax Cloud this year by increasing number of its partners.
“We are going to introduce our public cloud infrastructure management platform on full-scale to the public sector as well.” said CEO Song Young-seon of Infranics. “Companies that specialize in consulting, installation, and post-management for companies that are trying to adopt cloud computing platforms are becoming more important.”
“Recent trend has companies that already adopted a cloud computing platform beginning to adopt more than one cloud computing platform.” said CEO Song. “As a result, there will be more requests for management of companies that adopt various cloud computing platforms at the same time.”
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