It is likely that Samsung Electronics will formally release its foldable Smartphone ‘Galaxy Fold’ shortly. Samsung Display, which supplies its panels to Samsung Electronics, stated that it made improvements to parts that had caused problems.
“We solved most of issues that were brought up with Galaxy Fold.” said Vice-President Kim Sung-cheol of Samsung Display during his speech at the commemoration for the 20th anniversary of Korea Information Display Society (KIDS) that was held at Seoul Grand Intercontinental Parnas Hotel on the 18th. “As Samsung Electronics’ supplier for panels, we are making necessary preparations according to Samsung Electronics’ schedule.”

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<Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Fold>

Release date for Galaxy Fold was postponed as there were issues with protective film (changeable window) and hinge design. Although there were expectations that Samsung Electronics will start selling Galaxy Fold in this month, Samsung Electronics did not confirm on the final release date of Galaxy Fold. However, it is likely that Samsung Electronics will announce the official release date as necessary improvements are made to Galaxy Fold.
It is also heard within industries that Samsung Electronics solved most of technical issues that were brought up initially. Samsung Electronics placed the protective film under the bezel and it partially changed design of the hinge, where debris can accumulate easily, so that there will not be any gap when Galaxy Fold is being used.
“As sending large information as fast as possible becomes more important during 5G generation, there will be more demands for larger screens.” said Vice-President Kim. “We expect that foldable Smartphone will open up a new mobile market.”
Staff Reporter Bae, Okjin |