Samsung SDI developed a new kind of battery that has better energy efficiency than current batteries by 30% and is negotiating with automotive manufacturers. It is currently on schedule to mass-produce this battery by end of this year and it will be able to widen the technological gap between itself and Chinese and Japanese businesses by securing world’s highest level of technology in mass-production.
Samsung SDI finished developing 49.5Ah (3.61V) lithium-ion battery (secondary battery) and is in negotiation with top automotive manufacturers. It is set to start mass-producing this battery after signing supply contracts with automotive manufacturers. Energy density of this battery cell is 500wh/L, which is 55wh/L more than that of a battery cell that goes into BMW’s latest electric vehicle called ‘i3 120Ah (445wh/L)’. Difference in energy density becomes wider if the battery cell is ‘modularized’. Energy density of this battery module is 369Wh/L and it is 30% greater than that of the battery module (285Wh/L) for ‘i3’. This indicates that when Samsung SDI’s battery is used by ‘i3 120Ah’, which can drive up to 248km (based on Ministry of Environment) with single charge, i3 120Ah is able to drive up to 32km without having to increase loading capacity.

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<BMW i3 120Ah. Samsung SDI has been supplying its lithium-ion battery cells to BMW since 2013.>

Performance of this battery is far superior than Samsung SDI’s CAN battery, pouch battery, and cylindrical (21,700) battery. Samsung SDI applied new technologies that enhance cathodic and anodic materials and increase storage capacity in all aspects. Especially, technology involved with degree of integration of energy density within Samsung SDI’s small batteries had played a huge role.
“Samsung SDI will be able to confirm its batteries being the world’s best batteries when it mass-produces 49.5Ah lithium-ion batteries and widens the technological gap between itself and Chinese businesses.” said Professor Park Cheol-wan of Seojeong University. “There is a high chance that Samsung SDI applied new cathodic and anodic materials to this battery as its voltage is 0.06V lower than that of Samsung SDI’s previous batteries.”
Battery manufacturers are frantically looking for their customers. Number of major electric vehicle battery suppliers of Samsung SDI is lower than that of LG Chem, Panasonic, and CATL. South Korea’s battery industry predicts that Samsung SDI’s new battery will play a major weapon in expanding Samsung SDI’s suppliers. “We do not disclose any information on transactions with particular customers.” said a representative for Samsung SDI. “We are currently in a process of expanding world’s best technology in small battery field towards medium and large batteries for electric vehicles.”
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