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WooilFA showcased JAPAN UNIX' Solder Meister line-ups in  in '2019 Electronics Manufacturing Korea (henceforth referred to as EMK 2019)', which is held at COEX from the 15th(Wed) to 17th(Fri).

'SOLDER MEISTER' is the laser soldering system which is suitable for fine parts. It allows for soldering in small or enclosed spaces, great for high density assembly. It also easily automated and its laser beam enables steady soldering.

High-speed soldering robot '700F' series has an iron tip that approaches from any angle. It is suitable for soldering for odd-shape workpieces into which the soldering iron tip cannot be approached easily.

Desktop soldering robot 'DF' series has a monitoring application which achieves an effective remote monitoring of production status and enables data management and analysis, such temperature characteristics, motion, and error, to prevent occurrences of defects.

Meanwhile, Korea Electronics Manufacturing Korea has grown into an internationally recognized exhibition, receiving steady interest from domestic and foreign buyers as Korea’s largest electronics manufacturing exhibition. Since 2017, it has been Co-hosted with ‘Autotronics Manufacturing Korea (AMK)', and provides various seminars and events for exhibitors and visitors.

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