It seems that the ‘first step’ of next-generation project of digital budget accounting system called dBrain, which manages national financial resources, will be somewhat late as it is likely that actual start will be possible sometime during the second-half of this year at the earliest. Industries point out that South Korean Government must speed up the process of next-generation project since dBrain urgently needs improvement.
According to South Korean Government, Ministry of Economy and Finance (MOEF) and Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) are having discussions regarding formation of ‘next-generation dBrain promotion team’.
Initially, MOEF was planning to form a promotion team sometime during this month and send out orders for next-generation dBrain project. However, it is expected that orders will be delayed as promotion team is expected to be formed later than expectations.
“It seems likely that promotion team will not be formed by the end of April.” said multiple representatives of MOEF. “We will send out orders once we have a promotion team in place.”
It is likely that promotion team will be formed sometime in May at the earliest. Considering bidding procedures after promotion team is formed and orders are sent out in May, it is likely that actual start of this project will take place sometime during the second half of this year.
If starting point of this project is pushed back, entire schedule that spans 3 years and half can be pushed back as well. Total of $104 million (118 billion KRW) is going to be invested into this project and $20.3 million (23 billion KRW) is going to be invested this year.

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It has been 12 years since dBrain first started operating back in 2017. Considering the fact that next-generation information system project usually takes place every 10 years, it is somewhat late to start innovating dBrain. Although MOEF had made early preparations such as establishment of ISP (Information Strategy Planning) in 2013, it always failed in applying its preparations to budget. However, it is now able to start the process as it succeeded in applying its preparations to its budget this year.
Even if this project goes according to South Korean Government’s plan, it will be in operation in 2022 at the earliest. Industries pointed out that start time of operation cannot be any more later than 2022.
It will be interesting to see whether major corporations will participate in this project. Major corporations cannot participate in public software project according to Software Industry Promotion Act. However, they are able to participate in projects based on new technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data. Although few new technologies are expected to be applied to this project, it is unclear whether major corporations will be able to participate in it.
“This is an issue that MOEF needs to discuss with Ministry of Science and ICT and others.” said a representative for an industry that is familiar with this project. “Due to characteristics of this project, it will not be easy for major corporations to participate in it.”
“Nothing has been decided yet.” said a representative for MOEF regarding this issue. “We are going to decide on smaller issues after forming a promotion team.”
Staff Reporter Yoo, Seonil |