Bithumb, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, obtained ISMS (Information Security Management System) certification from KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency).
ISMS is the highest information security management system certification system in South Korea. It is composed of 12 items from 5 stages of information security management processes and 92 items from 13 areas related to information security measures.
South Korean Government made it an obligation last year for cryptocurrency exchanges that earn more than $8.99 million (10 billion KRW) and have more than 1 million visitors daily within 3 months period to obtain ISMS certification.

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Besides ISMS certification, Bithumb is working on obtaining global security certifications such as ISO27001, which is an international ISMS standard, and BS10012, which is an international certification for personal ISMS.
“We are going to continue to establish the industry’s best security system that can be safe and trustworthy.” said a representative for Bithumb. “We are going to become a global business that will lead cryptocurrency exchange market by establishing a safe and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange.”
Staff Reporter Gil, Jaeshik |