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Working happily alongside coworkers is the one of the most ideal pictures in a workplace, and there is a company called Studio Moggozi that fulfills something even better. MOGGOZI in pure Korean means ‘to play, to have fun, and to have many people gather for a party or an event’. ‘Studio Moggozi’, which has these inherent meanings, is a company that was established in order to produce variety of content, including animations, and they do it with delight.

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<CEO Aiden Byun of Studio Moggozi >

Studio Moggozi was established in 2009, when four talented creators who work with passion, were planning short animations and TV series animations, while leading their own separate work lives. Although it was four of them at first, now the company is establishing its foundation as a skilled company, while building global reputation in deed as well as in name with 48 artists (26 in South Korea, 22 in China).

“Studio Moggozi has been building solid skills and abilities by performing co-projects with multi-content industries such as EBS (, Iconix, and Youngtoys. Its technical skills have been recognized through its contribution as the main producer of ‘The Little Bus Tayo’ and ‘Kongsuni and Friends’, which are familiar to people in South Korea.” said CEO Aiden Byun, with added confidence in the planning and development abilities of their content.

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Studio Moggozi’s production skill in content was prominently displayed through their ‘GoGo Dino’ which was developed in 2016. Studio Moggozi is planning to produce Season 4 of ‘GoGo Dino’, which is Studio Moggozi’s chief dinosaur animation content by next May, due to its high level of popularity of young children (age 3-5). Seasons 1 through 3 has aired in South Korea and China since 2016 until now. It also sold 15 different types of toys related to ‘GoGo Dino’ and published 5 books for children. The musical performance of GoGo Dino is also taking place until end of this year in Seoul, Daegu, Gwangju, and Busan. It formed planning teams and production teams in South Korea and China, and is currently producing a new season of GoGo Dino, and a new animation series called ‘Bugstron’. GoGo Dino’s sales increased from $971,000 in 2016 to $1.77 million in 2017 through broadcasting and licensing (toys, publications, and musicals) and it is continuing to become more successful. Studio Moggozi is planning to solidify GoGo Dino as a long-term brand and is focusing on exporting it to global markets.

Problems with costs are the difficulties that content producers face the most. Because investors do not really prefer animations that require large amounts of development cost and have long payback periods, Studio Moggozi’s circumstances are not all easy and positive. However in order to overcome problems related to costs, it is actively carrying out co-production with foreign companies. It is also focusing on early sales and attracting investments from foreign companies. Active and professional minds are the foundation for people who enjoy working at Studio Moggozi.

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<Main contents of Studio Moggozi, ‘Bugstron’ and ‘GoGo Dino’>

Studio Moggozi is not just working on producing content, it has also been expanding its business towards video distribution and licensing, together with new media since 2016. It is soaring as a content business that has skills and business capabilities, by directly and indirectly carrying out a variety of businesses that are linked to content. It is emerging that Studio Moggozi is realizing its plan of entering global markets, as it was selected by Gyeonggi Content Agency for the ‘Global Doctors’ marketing program.

Studio Moggozi’s members say that they feel the greatest pleasure whenever they see either children playing with their animated toys, or while casually passing by them, and seeing their content being used on SNS. They also hope that others find pleasure in every nook and cranny of the world.

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