For the first time, Samsung Electronics is going to include original case as part of basic components that will come with Galaxy Note 8.
Although consumers can save money that they use to purchase separate Smartphone cases, it is likely that this decision will bring negative impact on small and medium accessory makers’ businesses.
Samsung Electronics is going to include an original case as part of basic components that will come with Galaxy Note 8, which is going to be released on the 15th of August in South Korea. This is the first time when Samsung Electronics is providing an original case for its latest Smartphone.
Previously, an original case was included to limited edition of 400,000 refurbished Galaxy Note FEs that were released last month.
This case is made with transparent plastic material that covers the back and the sides of Galaxy Note 8. While it still shows design of Galaxy Note 8, it can protect Galaxy Note 8 from getting chipped or coming to contacts with foreign materials. Samsung Electronics has minimized thickness of this case as much as possible so that Galaxy Note 8 will maintain its sense of grip.
It seems that this is Samsung Electronics’ plan to minimize possible financial burden for consumers who have had to purchase separate Smartphone cases and to provide convenience.
Manufacturing of original cases for Galaxy Note 8 is in charge by 3 to 4 South Korean Smartphone accessory makers. It is estimated that at least 10 million original cases will be made by these makers.

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“Considering that this case will cost somewhere between $17.7 and $26.55 (20,000 KRW and 30,000 KRW), this will be a good news for consumers since they can reduce any additional expenses.” said a representative for a mobile network provider.
Mobile network providers predict that addition of an original case as basic components will have positive influence on consumers who are trying to purchase Galaxy Note 8 since level of interests for Galaxy Note 8 has heightened since this is practically Samsung Electronics’ new Smartphone in past 2 years due to recall of Galaxy Note 7.
However this decision is likely to have negative impact on sales of small and medium Smartphone accessory makers. Percentage of Samsung Electronics Smartphone cases is high as it takes up about 60% of entire premium Smartphone cases markets.
“Because initial demand for Galaxy Note 8 cases is expected to be reduced, Smartphone case makers and online distributors are paying careful attention towards possible impact that Samsung Electronics’ decision will bring.” said a representative for a Smartphone case maker.
Some say that these makers will need to differentiate themselves by making character cases in order to prepare breakthrough.
“We have not decided anything regarding Galaxy Note 8.” said a high-ranking official for Samsung Electronics. “It is difficult for us to mention any information regarding new products that are not released yet.”
On the other hand, it is heard that Samsung Electronics is not going to include original cases as part of basic components of Galaxy Note 8s that will be released in the U.S., Europe, and Russia.
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