It is now possible now to check whether or not there are problems with drones before flying them.
StackHoney (CEO Park Ki-yong) announced on the 3rd that it has developed noise and vibration solution that examines drone’s propellers and drone control ability. This solution is composed of a vibration sensor called ‘Drone Sting’ and a Smartphone application called ‘Drone Checker’.
Inspection of propellers can be done by a Smartphone alone. One can inspect them after downloading ‘Drone Checker’ from Google Play and becoming a member.
Inspection is very simple. One can open up ‘Drone Checker’ application while drone propellers are operating and push the start button. This app then records noise that is heard from propellers for about 5 seconds and notifies results of analysis right away. It measures noise that is heard from propellers and compares it to normal results from an identical model. Measurements are analyzed by the company server and they are accumulated which then is shown through a graph.
Drone Sting, which is a hexagonal shape, is a small sensor that is only 5cm in diameter. It examines drone control ability and can prevent drones from crashing in advance. Currently it is in a prototype stage and is expected to be commercialized at the end of this month at the earliest.

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This sensor measures vibration that occurs while propellers are moving and sends measurements to a Smartphone, which is connected to this sensor through Bluetooth. In order to take measurements, one can simply place this sensor on top of a drone. Because its weight is only 18g, it does not affect a drone in any way. How to use Drone Sting and how to take measurements with Drone Sting are same as the ways of using Drone Checker.
Another advantage of this solution is that it separates causes of vibration into a motor and wings. This technique is based on frequency analysis technology that has been accumulated by CEO Park Ki-yong when he used to work for companies that deal with noise and vibration. This solution can be used by anyone and can be also used to check whether drones are working properly or not after A/S. Because it is based on data, one can make objective judgment. Currently StackHoney is negotiating with global drone manufacturers.
Along with status of a drone, one can also check information regarding drones such as magnetic field index (KP), areas where drones are not allowed, and weather from Drone Checker application and StackHoney’s homepage. “One can now prevent its drone from crashing in advance as it is now possible to inspect drones preliminarily with a small sensor and a Smartphone.” said CEO Park Ki-yong of StackHoney. “Along with people who purchased drones for the first time, this solution will be a great help for people who haven’t used drones for long time and for people who had had experiences of their drones crashing.”
“Drone Sting is currently at final stage of development.” said CEO Park. “We are going to newly introduce our application at the same time we release this new product.”
Staff Reporter Yoo, Changseon |