KT officially declared development of quantum cryptography communication technology which is expected to contribute in forming an ecosystem of applicable South Korean industries for quantum cryptography communication.
KT held an opening ceremony of ‘Quantum Communication Application Research Center’ with KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology at Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center on the 21st.
KT and KIST are planning to focus their abilities to develop technologies that can prevent possibility of hacking which can occur while implementing quantum cryptography communication.
“We are going to quickly catch up to advanced technical skills by working with KIST.” said Jeon Hong-beom of KT Infrastructure Laboratory. “We are going to push forward timing for commercialization of quantum cryptography communication technologies by forming an ecosystem with partners that are interested in quantum industries.”
“Although quantum cryptography communication is safe in principle, there are possibilities of hacking due to incomplete parts that implement quantum cryptography communication.” said a representative for KIST. “We are going to develop practical technologies that can prevent possibilities of hacking.”
Along with this development , KIST will try to secure durability and stability that can perform continuous movement, design quantum cryptography communication structure, and find examples where quantum cryptography communication can be applied.
KT is going to apply quantum cryptography communication to commercialized network and will be in charge of developing new service models. KIST’s Quantum Information Research Group will focus on developing quantum technologies. Testing complex will be set up at KT’s Convergence Technical Institute in Seocho-gu.

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<Opening ceremony of ‘KIST-KT Quantum Communication Application Research Center’ was held at Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center on the 21st. Picture of Manager Jeon Hong-beom (third from the left) of KT Infrastructure Laboratory and Manager Jang Joon-yeon (fourth from the left) of KIST Next-Generation Semiconductor Laboratory. Staff Reporter Yoon, Sunghyeok | shyoon@etnews.com >

Quantum cryptography communication technology utilizes the fact that quantum cryptography communication cannot be duplicated and can only be measured once and the fact that quantum remains in a superposition state.
Due to these two properties, it is impossible to steal a key to a code while this key is being sent. Due to an appearance of quantum computers, it is expected that quantum cryptography communication will replace current cryptographic systems that are being questioned for their safety.
Importance of security in communication only gets bigger during ‘hyper-connected society’ that involves 5G network, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud, self-driving cars, and mobile finance.
“Although good equipment can be used to increase speed of communication, quantum technology is a must for security.” said Manager Jeon.
KT has been verifying practicality of wired quantum cryptography communication with KIST since last year. They evaluated stability of system in actual settings that depend on weather, changes in environment, and long-term use.
KIST became the first in South Korea to develop quantum cryptography communication in a laboratory setting and demonstrated quantum cryptography communication system at an international quantum cryptography conference called Qcrypt 2013.
“We are going to develop technologies that will get rid of obstacles that are standing in a way to commercialization of quantum cryptography communication and establish new service models as well.” said Moon Sung-ook who is the head of Quantum Information Research Group.
Staff Reporter Kim, Yongjoo | kyj@etnews.com