Samsung Electronics has decided to name refurbished phone of Galaxy Note 7 as ‘Galaxy Note FE (SM-N935)’ and for the time being it has decided to release it at the end of June.
Prior to making this decision, Samsung Electronics finished receiving certifications from FCC (Federal Communications Commission), Wi-Fi Alliance, and Bluetooth and completed a procedure to release Galaxy Note FE.
According to multiple representatives from mobile network providers on the 17th, Samsung Electronics has decided to call refurbished Galaxy Note 7 as ‘Galaxy Note FE’.
‘FE’ stands for ‘FANDOM EDITION’ and it represents an edition for fans.
“Reason why Samsung Electronics has named it Galaxy Note FE is because it considered loyal customers of Galaxy series.” said a representative for a mobile network provider.
Samsung Electronics planned to minimize an image of ‘refurbished phone’ while emphasizing the fact that Galaxy Note FE is for the fans and customers of Galaxy Note 7.

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<Blue Coral model of Galaxy Note 7>

It was heard that Samsung Electronics initially named it ‘Galaxy Note 7R’ in order to indicate that it is a refurbished Galaxy Note 7.
“It is likely that refurbished Galaxy Note 7s will be released in South Korea at the end of June.” said a high-ranking official for a mobile network provider regarding release date and price of Galaxy Note FE. “It is highly unlikely that it will cost under $624 (700,000 KRW).”
Price for Galaxy Note FE won’t be flexible as Galaxy Note 5 is currently being sold for $732 (820,000 KRW) and Galaxy A series, which is a middle-grade Smartphone, costs around $446 (500,000 KRW).
It is heard that Samsung Electronics is going to supply about 300,000 Galaxy Note FEs to mobile network providers. “We are certain that there will be plenty of potential demands for Galaxy Note FEs.” said a high-ranking official for a mobile network provider.
This summer will be a season when mobile network providers will compete against one another in order to secure supplies of Galaxy Note FE.
Staff Reporter Choi, Jaepil |