LG Electronics is going to release its premium Smartphone called G6 to South Korean markets on the 10th of March and its economic Smartphone called ‘X300’ on the 18th of March. Its strategy is to grab upper hands of Smartphone markets by releasing premium and economic Smartphones early.
LG Electronics has decided to release its premium Smartphone early while releasing economic Smartphone according to consumers’ preference. This is the first time when LG Electronics is releasing its new Smartphone earlier than Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S series to premium Smartphone markets during first half of a calendar year.
This is also the first time when LG Electronics is releasing K series Smartphones, which have been released to foreign countries, to consumers in South Korea as ‘X300’ according to their preference.
This strategy is seen as an attempt by LG Electronics’ MC Business Headquarters, which is going through a slump, to make a turnaround. President Cho Jun-ho of MC Business Headquarters is putting all of company’s efforts into having a successful year in Smartphone business.
LG Electronics is going to introduce G6 for the first time at ‘MWC 2017’, which is held in Barcelona, Spain on the 26th of February and has agreed with 3 South Korean mobile network providers to release G6 to South Korean markets on the 10th of March. This will be fastest time ever by LG Electronics to release their new premium Smartphones as it will be released 3 weeks faster than the time when G5 was released (3/31/2016).
This can be seen as LG Electronics’ multi-angle strategy as it looks to grab upper hands of premium Smartphone markets during first half of a calendar year which has been controlled by Galaxy S series. As there are gaps of new premium Smartphones after Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued, LG Electronics is planning to go after demands that are on stand-by and dormant by putting G6 at the front. Also because schools start in March, March is a month when there are high demands for Smartphones from consumers.

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<LG Electronics’ K8 (2017) Smartphones that were introduced at CES 2017>

“Although we cannot reveal any detailed specifications of G6 since we have not formally announced it yet, people will be able to see it at MWC 2017.” said a high-ranking official for LG Electronics. “Premium Smartphones that were released by LG Electronics never fell behind of our competitors’ products.”
‘X300’ is LG Electronics’ economic Smartphone that is designed to meet demands from consumers in South Korea that focus on portability.
Although specifications of ‘X300’ are mostly identical as specifications of K8 (2017’ that was introduced at CES 2017, its thickness is reduced from 8.09mm to 7.9mm. LG Electronics also upgraded its RAM capacity, which affects speed of a Smartphone, from 1.5GB to 2GB.
“Changes in specifications of X300 are affected by South Korea’s Smartphone users’ Big Data analysis.” said a representative for LG Electronics. It can be seen that President Cho’s will to also focus all of company’s capabilities into economic products was applied to changes in X300’s specifications.
It seems that industries will focus on whether or not early release of premium Smartphone and personalized economic Smartphone will help LG Electronics’ MC Business Headquarters’ performance to rebound.
G6, which is expected to be sold for between later-end of 700,000 KRW ($583) and beginning-end of 800,000 KRW ($666), will be equipped with 5.7-inch QHD+ (1440x2880) display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor. It will not use modularized components, which were attempted for the first time for G5, but it will equip G6 with all-in-one battery. G6 will also have waterproof and dustproof functions and wireless charging function and is made out of glass material rather than full-metal material and have an upgraded voice recognition assistant function called Q Voice.
Staff Reporter Choi, Jaepil | jpchoi@etnews.com