Samsung Electronics is going to apply a technology that will improve ‘color volume (tone)’, which will increase color representation, to its 2017 Quantum-Dot SUHD TVs. While this technology will express colors vividly, it will also increase representation of black color which is strength of OLED TVs and brightness which is strength of LCD TVs. This improvement will light up competitions between Quantum-Dot TVs and OLED TVs even more.
According to related industries on the 5th, Samsung Electronics is going to put out 2017 Quantum-Dot SUHD TVs that will have quality of ‘color volume’ greatly increased. Samsung Electronics is planning to introduce 3rd generation Quantum-Dot TV at CES 2017 that is going to be held in Las Vegas in early 2017.
“As quantum-dot material continues to develop, range of color that it can express continues to expand.” said a representative for Samsung Electronics. “Because SUHD TVs that are going to be released in 2017 have much more improved color volume value, they will be much more improved than current TVs from aspect of color representation.”
Color volume is a value that measures color and brightness in a 3D manner by considering the fact that human’s eyes feel color differently depending on brightness when they look at an object. When color volume is improved, TVs can express all range of color from primary colors to achromatic colors very vividly and accurately. It is expected that Samsung Electronics’ 2017 Quantum-Dot TVs will express brightness and darkness very accurately.

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<Picture of 2nd generation Quantum-Dot TV that was introduced by Samsung Electronics this year. Samsung Electronics is planning to introduce 3rd generation Quantum-Dot TV, which has its color volume improved, in 2017.>

Samsung Electronics recently registered trademarks for ‘HDR 1500’, ‘Q HDR’, and ‘Real Black’ to KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office). It is expected that performance of 2017 SUHD TVs will be improved by about 50% compared to SUHD TVs that were sold this year. Samsung Electronics stated ‘HDR 1000’ to its SUHD TVs that were sold this year.
Industries predict that Samsung electronics is planning to increase its competitive edge by differentiating elemental technologies such as color volume since UHD TVs have become a trend of premium TVs. Actually many TV manufacturers from Japan and China as well as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are producing UHD TVs.
“Changes in display quality such as full HD and UHD from HD cannot occur every single year.” said a representative for an industry. “Due to this situation, many manufacturers are putting their efforts into improving color representation or contrast with UHD and HDR at the center.”
It is predicted that TV manufacturers will compete even harder to have better qualities for their TVs because while OLED TVs have strength of perfect black color, Quantum-Dot TVs, which use LCD backlight, are going to counter OLED TVs with ‘Real Black’. If Quantum-Dot TVs provide rich color volume according to brightness in addition to ‘Real black’, some predict that Samsung Electronics will be able to grab an upper hand in its competition against other TV manufacturers.
“Although OLED TVs can produce most of color range out of complete digital cinema color standard called DCI-P3 at low brightness, maximum luminescence and limitations in brightness can affect abilities of display’s color representation.” said a market research company called Insight Media that specializes in display fields. “This causes images to lose color at high brightness and results in reduction of color volume.”
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