3 mobile network providers are going to resume selling Galaxy Note 7 on the 28th through authorized dealers and online malls.
Customers who had made pre-orders between the 6th and the 18th but haven’t received Galaxy Note 7s yet will be able to activate Galaxy Note 7 on the 28th while customers who want to purchase Galaxy Note 7 will be able to activate Galaxy Note 7 on the 1st of October.
Mobile network providers also extended their promotion schedules. Customers that had made pre-orders can receive free gifts such as Gear Fit 2, 50% insurance for cracked screen and 100,000 mileages from Samsung Pay mall if they activate their phones by the 15th of October.
New customers can also receive free gifts except for Gear Fit2 if they activate their phones by the 31st of October.
Exchange for new Galaxy Note 7 with new batteries will take place at mobile network providers’ stores by the end of this month and it will take place at Samsung Electronics’ service center after the 1st of October.

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<LG Uplus is going to carry out exchange service of Galaxy Note 7 at all of its Uplus stores. Customers who purchased Galaxy Note 7 from LG Uplus can exchange their phones at any Uplus store starting from the 19th.>

Samsung Electronics made an announcement on this day that percentage of recall for Galaxy Note 7s surpassed 60% in South Korea and the U.S.
“More than 60% of Galaxy Note 7s that were sold in South Korea and the U.S. are registered for exchange program.” said Samsung Electronics.
“About 90% of Galaxy Note 7 users chose Galaxy Note 7 again without asking for refund or choosing different products.” said Samsung Electronics.
About 400,000 and 1 million Galaxy Note 7s are being recalled in South Korea and the U.S. respectively.
“We humbly accept our consumers’ loyalty.” said Department Head (President) Ko Dong-jin of Samsung Electronics’ Wireless Business Department. “We hope that consumers can continue to use Galaxy Note 7s confidently.”
Staff Reporter Ham, Jihyeon | goham@etnews.com