Number of application for patents regarding Quantum-Dot LCD is increasing greatly.
According to KIPO’s (Korea Intellectual Property Office) report on ‘Trend of Application of Patents on Quantum-Dot LCD’ that was announced on the 25th, total of 268 patents were registered between 2006 and 2015. Out of these patents, 63 patents and 84 patents were registered in 2014 and 2015 respectively and they accounted for 54.8%.
When light is shined or electricity is supplied, Quantum-Dot is a semiconductor nano-particle that can produce variety of colors through different lengths of light wavelength depending on a size of a particle even when there are same particles.
Out of 268 patents, 258 patents (96.3%) were registered in South Korea and this implies that South Korean companies have been constantly developing Quantum-Dot LCD.

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<Numbers of patents on Quantum-Dot LCD that were registered in past 10 years were 2 (2006), 2 (2007), 2 (2008), 12 (2009), 29 (2010), 36 (2011), 12 (2012), 26 (2013), 63 (2014), and 84 (2015). >

Samsung Display (82, 30.2%), LG Display (40, 14.9%), Samsung Electronics (38, 14.2%), LG Innotec (29, 10.8%), and LG Electronics (25, 9.3%) are the ones that registered many patents.
By distributing technologies depending on how Quantum-Dot is implemented in LCD, number of patents on film-type Quantum-Dot LCD was the biggest at 159 (59.3%). Tube-type (62, 23.1%), package-type (26, 9.8%), and color-filter-type (21, 7.8%) followed film-type Quantum-Dot LCD.
Number of patents on a method that arranges Quantum-Dot film onto light guide plate was the most out of patents on film-type. It was a method that was preferred by many display businesses since it was suitable to easily implement variety of sizes of screens from current processes on LCD.
“Not only light with high purity of color and optical stability can be achieved through Quantum-Dot, but it can also be applied to LCD and OLED.” said Team Leader Kim Jae-moon of Display Device Inspection Team.
Staff Reporter Shin, Seonmi |