A first day of exchanging for Galaxy Note 7 with a new battery that took place at mobile telecommunication stores on the 19th showed different scene compared to initial predictions. Predictions that thought there will be massive chaos as people will be flooding in at the same time to exchange their Galaxy Note 7s deviated from what actually took place. Distributors as well as consumers showed satisfaction towards smooth exchange process.
“Although I did not come with a reservation, I was able to immediately exchange my Galaxy Note 7 with a new one.” said a business man who visited KT Olleh Square in Gwanghwamun Gate. “I did not feel any inconvenience with whole exchange process.”
“There weren’t any chaos in the morning.” said a representative for SK Telecom’s PS&M Hongdae store. “I believe that we weren’t swamped with requests for exchange because we carried out exchange process according to an order of activations.” Although number of calls inquiring about schedule for exchange, there weren’t many consumers who actually visited stores.
Distributors however predict that they will be swamped with requests for exchange during the weekend since consumers do not have much free time on weekdays.
“There is a high chance that this weekend will determine whether the whole exchange process is being carried out quickly or not.” said a representative for a distributor.
Consumers also put out positive comments towards Samsung Electronics’ policy on its recall. “I believe that Samsung Electronics has carried out its recall fast and efficiently.” said Yoo Seung-ho (57) who visited LG Uplus’s distributor. “This will have positive effects on its new sales in the future.”

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<Exchange for new Galaxy Note 7 has started at mobile telecommunication stores on the 19th. Above picture shows South Korean citizens who exchanged their phones for new phones. Staff Reporter Yoon, Seonghyeok | shyoon@etnews.com >

This implies that not only consumers can exchange their Galaxy Note 7s even if they are damaged or left with only main bodies but they can also receive refund and free gifts for making reservations for Galaxy Note 7s.
Distributors also believe that the fact that 3 mobile telecommunication businesses have guided consumers to exchange their phones sequentially to prevent early chaos have had positive effects on this recall process.
There were also opinions that believe that it will still take some time to completely resolve any insecurity about batteries and that demands for new Galaxy Note 7s will increase once their safety is confirmed.
“I believe that I cannot let go of any insecurity right away even though I exchanged my old phone with a new phone.” said Kang Min-ku (32) who visited KT Olleh Square. “I feel that there will be consumers who will decide to buy new Galaxy Note 7s once they see that there aren’t any more accidents after this recall process.”
This recall process will take place at distributors until the 30th of this month. Consumers who purchased non-contract phones online can receive new phones from Samsung Digital Plaza starting from the 26th. Samsung Electronics will carry out SW upgrade, which forces batteries to be charged up to 60%, starting from the morning of the 20th to secure safety of its current product.
“Since Samsung Electronics is restricting batteries to be charged up to 60%, possibility of exchanging for new Galaxy Note 7 is also very strong.” said a representative for a distributor.
Samsung Electronics will carry out this recall process until the end of this month and resume selling new Galaxy Note 7s starting from the 28th. Once exchange for new Galaxy Note 7 and continuation of sales are carried out smoothly, recall situation of Galaxy Note 7 will be wrapped up.
Staff Reporter Ham, Jihyeon | goham@etnews.com