Samsung Electronics has solved a problem regarding weakness of security of ‘SmartThings’ that will play a role of a major platform for Samsung Electronics’ strategy on IoT. Although Samsung Electronics was able to solve a problem of Zigbee that was raised in a foreign country through a software update, it is currently mediating a release date of SmartThings since it is going to take some time to increase level of perfection of products and services.
According to an industry on the 27th, Samsung Electronics has solved a security problem of Zigbee that is related to an IoT platform called ‘SmartThings’.
SmartThings is a product that was introduced by an American business called SmartThings, which was bought out by Samsung Electronics in 2014 for $200 million (About 236.9 billion KRW) to increase its technical skills in IoT. SmartThings uses Zigbee as a wireless telecommunication technology, which was pointed out as a problem as a security problem was found with it. It was found out that a security problem occurs when there are other surrounding devices that are attempting to hack while an IoT device that is connected to Zigbee and a Hub are going through a process of disconnecting and reconnecting. However Zigbee is a near-field technology that is used within few meters, and a possibility of hacking is not too high since connection happens instantaneously.
Regardless of low possibilities, Samsung Electronics has prepared a method that will solve this security problem regarding Zigbee.
“A security problem towards hackings was found in during a process where communication between IoT Hub and a device is disconnected and reconnected due to replacement of batteries and other reasons.” said a representative for Samsung Electronics. “We solved this problem by using a method that prevents Zigbee from reconnecting automatically.”

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Although possibility of hacking is very low for Zigbee, Samsung Electronics has decided to prepare a solution even though it is a bit inconvenient to prevent any problems that might occur in the future in advance. On a separate note, Samsung Electronics made a request to ‘Zigbee Alliance’, which is in charge of standardization of Zigbee, so that it can prepare a fundamental solution regarding a security problem. It is heard that Zigbee Alliance is currently developing technologies that will solve a security problem.
Although a security problem is solved, release dates of products and services are still undecided. At the end of last year, CEO Alex Hawkinson of SmartThings made an announcement that it will introduce SmartThings service in South Korea at the beginning of this year. As a security problem emerged while release dates are getting pushed back, industries had started to express their concerns. Industries are predicting that SmartThings will be released at the end of this year.
It is found out that a reason why release dates are getting delayed is because it takes time to connect SmartThings products and Samsung Electronics’ products and to develop a new service. Regardless of postponement of release dates, Samsung Electronics explained that its plan on installing IoT function into all of its products by 2020 is taking place without any problems.
“With a release date of SmartThings approaching, time is taking longer than we thought on developments and preparation of services.” said a representative for Samsung Electronics. “Although a release date is not set yet, it is not getting delayed because there are problems.”
Staff Reporter Kwon, Keonho |