“In the future, phones won’t be just your daily devices but rather they will be a route that leads us to whole different experiences.” said President Ko Dong-jin of Samsung Electronics’ Wireless Business Department with emphasis.
“Samsung Electronics is already thinking about generations beyond Smartphones.” said President Ko during his keynote speech at SDS 2016, which is Samsung Electronics’ conference for developers that was held in San Francisco on the 27th (U.S. time). This conference was held at Moscone Center in San Francisco on the 27th and is scheduled to take place for 2 days.
“These kids at their age already know all the information that you guys know.” said President Ko while introducing young developers such as Lee Young-joon (12) and others from the U.S., South Korea, and Argentina to audience. “Coding will be the key in the future.”
He also said that Samsung Electronics is currently working on connecting Galaxy Smartphones to wearables, VR (Virtual Reality), payment system called SamsungPay, Smart Car solution called ‘Connect Auto’, household devices and others.
Samsung Electronics is going to introduce technologies and products regarding IoT, Smart TV, VR, payment system and others at this conference and hold sessions for 70 or so developers.

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Samsung Electronics introduced open-type data exchange platform called ‘Samsung ARTIK Cloud’ that can connect IoT devices with Cloud service and announced its partnership with Legrand, which specializes in establishing digital building infrastructures, and industrial IoT business called Digibe Software.
It also announced that security system for mobile devices called ‘Knox’ can now be used for Tizen devices as well as Androids and that it is going to introduce API (Application Programing Interface) and SDK (Software Development Kit) for Knox.
It is predicted that Knox can now be used for variety of devices such as inexpensive Smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices such as Gear S2 and others.
Samsung Electronics also introduced ‘Smart Hub SDK’ for Smart TVs and ‘Smart View SDK’ that can easily send contents to variety of mobile devices. It also introduced open source project called ‘TOAST’ that allows applications to be used on Smart TVs that are equipped with OS (operating system) other than Tizen without any additional codings.
Staff Reporter Kwon, Sanghee | shkwon@etnews.com