LG Electronics is planning to establish a Smartphone module development ecosystem called ‘LG Playground’. This is a system where LG’s software (SW) and hardware (HW) partners can freely develop products and it is LG Electronics’ strategy to create a special Smartphone environment where they can all share their profits.

LG Electronics co-hosted ‘G5 and Friends Developers Conference’ at Nuridream Square, which is in Sangam-dong’s Digital Media City, on the 17th. “We are going to establish a module ecosystem that will be started with G5 and LG Friends.” said Department Head (President) Cho Joon-ho of LG Electronics’ Mobile Business Department. “We are going to create variety of programs that will support developers.” At this event, which was done with a topic of ‘Play with Friends’, LG Electronics introduced its ‘LG Playground’ plan.

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<President Cho Joon-ho of LG Electronics is introducing G5 at Barcelona’s Sant Jordi Club, which is holding MWC 2016 Event, on the 21st of February (Spain time). Barcelona (Spain) = Staff Reporter Park, Jiho | jihopress@etnews.com >

LG Playground is an open ecosystem where anyone or any business that is interested in developing ‘LG Friends’ can participate regardless of fields such as SW, HW or others. Basically anyone can develop modules (LG Friends) that can be combined to LG Electronics’ premium Smartphone called G5.

LG Electronics is going to introduce SDK (Software Development Kit) and HDK (Hardware Development Kit) through its development site (developer.lge.com) sometime during April so that people can develop their modules.

LG Electronics is also going to open up ‘Online Market (www.lgfriends.com) for Friends on the 18th of April. Through this market, LG Electronics’ partners that are participating in this ecosystem can sell modules or contents that they have developed and share profits with LG Electronics. LG Electronics is going to put all of its efforts into expanding module ecosystem by holding an idea contest for LG Friends sometime during April and others.

G5 is perceived as a premium Smartphone that has surpassed boundaries of innovation for having ‘Module Method’, which is world’s first method that has combined devices. LG Electronics is going to provide an expansion of experience that surpasses Smartphone screen by combining G5 and LG Friends together.

“Smartphone’s applications have come to limitations in growth.” said CTO (President) An Seung-kwon of LG Electronics. “Devices (modules) that are connected to Smartphones will bring new innovation.”

Besides this, partners that are participating in developing VR contents with LG Friends had shared their know-how, and there was a time when LG Electronics had shared their incidences of partnerships. Representatives from about 200 small and start-up companies had participated in this event and shown a lot of interest in LG Playground.

LG Electronics is also going to put its effort into establishing global module ecosystem by holding a developer conference in San Francisco next month for creation of LG Playground and others.

“Smart device ecosystem needs to be planned from a long term perspective.” said President An. “LG Playground won’t be just an event for G5, but it will also be for products that will be developed in the future.”

Staff Reporter Kim, Yongjoo | kyj@etnews.com