After 20 years of importing Japanese Geographic Information System (GIS), Korean business was successful in reexporting GIS engine. While multinational businesses such as Esri are dominating world’s GIS engine market, one can hope for Korean Wave of Korean GIS engines in Japan.

Korea geoSpatial Information & Communications Co Ltd (KSIC) and Japan’s Achicasa signed a contract on the 17th of providing GIS engine ‘Intramap’ to Japan. Achicasa is applying Intramap to public and private management system such as city planning system, facility management system, and disaster response system.

KSIC was able to develop world’s first web-based 3D GIS engine 7 years earlier than Google Earth. It has 13 different types of family products including 2D and 3D products, and they were applied to New Address System, National Spatial Data System, and Administrative Information System. They were also entered into 14 Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Malaysia. They also recently received high praise from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport on its GIS engine’s functions.

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This export was done with a joint help from Japan’s E-corporation, Korea’s MinosSoft, and etc. Future forum ran by electronic newspaper, the City of Seoul, Korea Information Research and Development Institute, KT, and etc also supported this export. “This was a result of technologies and trust from businesses. This means a lot since it’s a first entry into Japanese market with Korean GIS engine.” Representative Kim In Hyun of KSIC said about how this export all came down and what it means.

KSIC is expanding its export to China, India, Taiwan, Iran, Asia, and Europe. Korean government is going to support KSIC pioneer in foreign markets and development of excellent GIS SW based on general planning of developing spatial data industry .

Staff Reporter Shin, Hyekwon |