Korea’s research team developed world’s thinnest and freely bendable Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes (QLED). It is expected that development of products that are skin attachment type will be possible because display realization is possible due to ultra thin-layer film.

Institute of Basic Science (IBS, Director Kim Doo Chul) and nanoparticle research team (Head Leader Hyun Taek Hwan) announced on the 14th that they developed a high resolution QLED element that is bendable and a size of 40th of a hair (2.6 µm).

Compared to OLED176 that produced light by organic matter, QLED is an advanced and evolved version of next-generation light-emitting diode. This method uses nano-sized (10-9) quantum dot as a light-emitting diode, and a diode emits blue, green, and red light. It has a better color saturation than OLED and a high safety level to surrounding environment such as water and oxygen.

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Because the research team developed this product with ultra thin-layer film element, the product is bendable and able to stretch out. Due to its ability to function at a low voltage, it can be used at a state when it is attached to a person’s wrist or skin. It has 2460ppi resolution, which is world’s best and it is 4~7 times better than Galaxy S6 (577ppi), G3 (538ppi), and IPhone 6 (326ppi).

They also developed intaglio decoration-printing technique that arranges quantum dot nanoparticles evenly on a board. This technique will make a mass-production simple because it can applied spaciously on a board.

The research team applied this relative technique for a patent internally and internationally.

“By solving completely of previous wearable equipment’s flaws of being thick and not bendable, QLED with this high resolution is world’s first. This means that we are ahead of US and other countries that area advanced in LED field.” Head leader Hyun Taek Hwan and a research member Kim Dae Hyung said about their development of QLED.

Research result was published on international academic journal ‘Nature Communications’ on the 14th.

Staff Reporter Kwon, Kunho |wingh1@etnews.com

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