There has been several points that South Korea’s phone device price is world’s highest regardless of standard or luxury phone. It is becoming burden for household communication expense.

Congressman Byungho Moon (Saejeongchi Democratic Union) said on the 9th that the domestic device price has ranked 1st or 2nd among 29 countries from 2012 to 2014.

In 2012, domestic standard phone price was 235.9 USD in 2012 in 2nd after Japan (268 USD), but ranked in 1st in 2013 with 230.6 USD and 1st as well in 2014 with 230 USD.

Price for luxury phones domestically ranked in 2nd world wide right behind US from 2012 to 2014. As of 2014 March, the domestic luxury phone price is 546.2 USD, right behind US (556 USD).

Japan had ranked 14th in luxury phone price list and US had raked 12th in standard phone price list.

Congressman Moon said, “Country’s household consumption is not normal for South Korea. South Korea, which is ranked 25th in 2012 gross national income (GNI) out of 34 OECD countries, is ranked 1st or 2nd in device price. We must pop the price bubble by lowering the device factory price, creating lower price devices, importing in cheaper foreign phones and such.”

senior Reporter Kim,Wonbaei |

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<2012-2014 OECD Leading Countries’ Standard Phone Price (measure:USD)>
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<2012-2014 OECD Leading Countries’ Luxury Phone Price (measure:USD)>