Oval→curved rectangle…maximizing the `Samsung TV=curved` image

The Tizen TV remote control, which Samsung Electronics will release in the domestic market on February 5, inherits the ‘curved DNA’ of the Samsung TV and the ‘intuition’ of the Tizen OS. By applying the rectangle design and physical button, it went back to the basic shape of a remote control to ensure ‘convenience.’

According to SEC and the industry on January 29, SEC adopted the curved design for its 2015 smart controller (remote control). Last year it had an oval design reminding us of a ball in tune with the World Cup season, but this year the company applied ‘curved’ to the remote control too. SEC, planning to go full steam ahead with the curved models, including the low-end 32-inch full HD (1920×1080) TVs, this year, it will incarnate the ‘Samsung TV=curved’ DNA in its remote control as well. It dropped the silver color, which it has been using since 2013, and went back to black in 3 years.

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<The 2015 smart controller (remote control) that Samsung Electronics will release next month together with the Tizen OS smart TV>

The button shifted its focus from ‘touch’ to ‘physical.’ SEC attempted to migrate the smartphone experience to its TVs in its 2013 models by means of the ‘full touch pad’ taking up 2/3 of the remote control, and in 2014 it greatly reduced the size of the touch pad in a bid to combine the user experience (UX) of the TV and smartphone. In 2015 the company adopted physical buttons, which most users are accustomed to, in a way befitting the intuition pursued by Tizen.

Physical buttons are said to enhance intuition and users’ accessibility far more than the touch method. Reflecting this trend, SEC also made smart TV function buttons like the four-way navigation and contents play and pause button as well as frequently used buttons like the power, channel and volume buttons into protruding buttons. In particular, due to the characteristics of Tizen touting games as its main contents, the protruding physical buttons do not suffer comparison with the game pad.

As it is curved, the hand ‘grip’ has been improved as well. As the area coming in contact with the fingers increased compared to the flat design, the remote control can be easily used with one hand. “The ergonomic curved design and material going well with the curved TV enhanced the grip,” said an SEC insider about the 2015 smart controller. “User convenience has been greatly improved.”