NAMUTECH Participates in 'Red Hat Summit 2023' to Capture Global Cloud Platform Market

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NAMUTECH is targeting the global market with its unparalleled cloud platform technology and solutions.

From May 23rd to 25th, NAMUTECH introduced its technology and solutions for integrated management of container platforms and multi-cloud at the Red Hat Summit 2023 held in Boston, USA.

At the booth, NAMUTECH showcased the 'Cocktail Cloud on OpenShift (CCO)', integrated with Red Hat OpenShift, and 'Spero', a unified management solution for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, gaining positive feedback from global attendees.

"NAMUTECH holds extensive experience and know-how in constructing cloud platforms and supporting cloud-native strategies for a diverse range of customer segments, including manufacturing, semiconductors, finance, and public sectors," said Chul Jung, NAMUTECH CEO. "We have also launched an integrated product with Red Hat OpenShift, the world's No. 1 Kubernetes-based hybrid platform, which distinguishes us from other companies in the cloud platform sector."

According to related industries, the importance of cloud-native platforms is increasing as the use of cloud and data continues to grow. Chul Jung added, "As companies utilize a mix of various cloud services, and with the rise in AI and big data usage, demand for Platform as a Service (PaaS) continues to grow."

Cocktail Cloud on OpenShift (CCO) is a product that maximizes usability and stability by integrating NAMUTECH's Cocktail Cloud and Red Hat's OpenShift. This product supports a variety of multi-type clusters, including Red Hat OpenShift clusters, and can rapidly respond to resource management and scalability demands through its multi-tenancy feature. This allows organizations to offer an optimal operational environment for flexible application development based on containerization and hybrid multi-cloud.

Spero, newly introduced under this name, has undergone a major overhaul from the previous Smart DX Solution, improving user convenience and expanded framework features.

Spero is a Hybrid Cloud Management Platform (Hybrid CMP) that reduces the complexity of IT resource operations by automating and intellectualizing cloud orchestration and management.

Chul Jung, NAMUTECH CEO, stated, "NAMUTECH will contribute to addressing the key issues in the cloud ecosystem such as managing multi-cloud complexity and overcoming CSP dependency of SaaS with the industry's leading cloud platform technology." He further added, "Through collaboration with Red Hat, we will lead the way in maximizing business productivity and data utilization for our customers by providing a platform optimized for the cloud-native environment."

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