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There will be a large market worth KRW 500 billion in the field of open data.

A fierce competition between large information technology (IT) service companies and KT, an emerging competitor, will take place as most of the public software (SW) projects are exceptions to the participation restriction of large corporations.

Starting with the Korea Customs Service's 'cloud-based national customs network equipment and system replacement' (KRW 99 billion) next month, major open data projects such as the Korea National Railway's 'Purchase and Installation of the 2nd Rail Traffic Control Center Control System' (KRW 314.1 billion) will continue to be issued in the first half of the year.

The Korea Meteorological Administration is selecting a company for the '2023 Advanced Forecasting System Ⅱ Establishment' (KRW 34.2 billion) project. There will be selection for operators in the second half of this year for the Defense Acquisition Program Administration's 'cyber warfare management system' (KRW 22.6 billion), National Court Administration's 'criminal electronic litigation system' (KRW 12.1 billion), and the Korea Social Security Information Service's 'integrated maintenance of the next-generation social security information platform' (KRW 30.2 billion), etc.

The major projects worth more than KRW 10 billion make up KRW 500 billion among the major public projects ordered this year. The system upgrades or new construction projects are continuing as the IT environment is rapidly changing cloud and artificial intelligence (AI),

Many projects are exceptions to restrictions on large corporation participation. The war for selection between Samsung SDS, LG CNS, SK C&C and KT is expected. They are preparing to participate in the Korea Customs Service cloud-based national customs network project.

An industry insider said, “All large corporations are eager to get in the business knowing that the 5th generation (next-generation) project of the National Customs Network, which will be ordered in 2025, is advantageous be selected for the project since it worths KRW 300 billion. The cloud solution industry is also paying attention to the project due to the large scale of the project.”

The scale of the 2nd Railroad Traffic Control Center project of Korea National Railway is enormous. The corporation has not replaced its facilities for more than 16 years since the establishment of the Guro control center located Seoul in 2006. The control center that will be built in Osong, Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do will have a system that covers new technologies such as AI. The order for the project will be made in March. This is the stage where LG CNS and KT are showing interest.

An industry insider said, "As KT emerged as a dark horse in the public market last year, it will be the highlight for who will win the competition between traditional IT service companies and KT for this year's open data project. The majority of the project are new technologies such as cloud and AI; hence the competition between related solution and hardware companies will be fierce.”

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