LG Energy Solution chooses Dongwon Systems and others
Receiving supply of cylindrical cans and safety components
Samsung SDI, pushing for 46㎜ battery development
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The suppliers for the components of the 4680 next-generation cylindrical batteries LG Energy Solution and Samsung SDI will mass produce had have been revealed.

It has been told that LG Energy Solution chose companies like LT Precision and Dongwon Systems as their suppliers of components for the 4680 next-generation cylindrical batteries. These suppliers are set to supply them with cylindrical cans for 4680 batteries and cylindrical safety components.

LT Precision had been developing their components from earlier on. Dongwon Systems entered as one of LG Energy Solution’s cylinder partners. It is interpreted that their development of cylindrical core materials and the acquisition of a Korean parts company led to them being named as a major supplier. Dongwon Systems acquired the cylindrical can manufacturer, MKC, for 15.6 billion KRW. They are also expanding their cylindrical can production capacity. They have invested 58.6 billion KRW in Asan, Chungnam to build a cylindrical can factory. New supply from LG Energy Solution is expected.

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Samsung SDI’s partners, Shinheung SEC and Sangsin EDP, are also preparing can cases and safety components for next-generation cylindrical batteries. Samsung SDI is developing batteries with a diameter of 46㎜. It is said that its height will be around 80㎜. While 4680 batteries have improved performance over existing 2170 batteries, the higher risk of fires is planned to be supplemented by new components. Shinheung SEC and Sangsin EDP supplies Samsung SDI from nearby their work site. They ship cylindrical battery parts from Hungary and Malaysia. It has been told that they are preparing for new investments in cylindrical battery parts overseas, in addition to developing cylindrical battery parts.

Samsung SDI’s partners developing new components can be interpreted as their intent to increase their supply of parts to Samsung SDI. This is because the supply of parts may increase depending on Samsung SDI’s plan to increase the number cylindrical batteries equipped in EVs.

This is the first time that LG Energy Solution and Samsung SDI are supplying next-generation cylindrical batteries. Their competitor, Panasonic, is also planning developing next-generation cylindrical batteries, and supplying them to finished car companies.

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By Reporter Jiwoong Kim jw0316@etnews.com