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LG Hitachi and Ssangyong Information & Communication Corp. won the 3rd and 4th contracts for public cloud conversion projects, respectively

For biddings of the '2022 Administrative and Public Institutions Information System Cloud Conversion Project', LG Hitachi competed with DaiShin Information & Communication and Ssangyong Information & Communication Corp. and was selected as the preferred bidder in the 3rd project biding.

The 3rd project bid drew attention as it was a return match between LG Hitachi, DaiShin Information & Communication, and Ssangyong Information & Communication Corp., which already competed in the 1st project.

LG Hitachi, which won the 1st project, was not expected to participate in the 3rd and 4th projects in order to prepare for the 5th and 6th projects. However, considering several factors, they decided to participate for the project bidding.

The preferred bidder for the 4th project is Ssangyong Information & Communication Corp. Ssangyong Information & Communication Corp. competed with netKTI and Metanet Digital. Ssangyong Information & Communication Corp. showed their will to win the project by submitting proposals for both the 3rd and 4th projects.

For the 3rd public cloud conversion project, 13 organizations participate, and 83 business systems will be converted to the cloud. In the 4th project, 16 organizations promote cloud conversion of 88 business systems.

The size of each project is about 16 billion KRW.

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Ministry of the Interior and Safety and National Information Society Agency plan to place an order for the 5th and 6th projects within this year.

Meanwhile, Ministry of the Interior and Safety is promoting 'Cloud Computing Service Utilization Model' pilot project separately from the information system cloud conversion project for administrative and public institutions and has begun to select operators.

For the Jeju-do project, KT Cloud was a sole bidder, and waiting for qualification evaluation. Metanet Digital will cooperate as a cloud managed service provider (MSP). Metanet Digital is also participating in the Sejong City project in cooperation with Naver Cloud.

The Gyeongnam-do project closed the request for proposal (RFP) and is proceeding with the remaining procedures. Gwangju-si, Jeollanam-do and Jeollabuk-do also plan to select operators.

Prior to this, Ministry of the Interior and Safety selected 5 projects from 6 institutions through a public offering in June of this year. It took about 2 months to review the local government's business plan and start the bidding process.

The cloud computing service utilization model is a method in which the private sector provides a public dedicated cloud service and the public pays a usage fee.

By Staff Reporter Ho-cheon An