RGT expands their serving robot services to shopping complexes. It will carry out its business based on autonomous driving technology that avoids people and obstacles in complex environments and a system linked to the POS transaction machine.

RGT is a serving robot startup established in 2018. The company supplied SIRBOT not only to Korea but also to six countries including the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, UAE, and Malaysia.

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<RGT supplies SIRBOTs to Malaysia>

Ho-jung Jeong, CEO of RGT, cited the avoidant driving function and the smart restaurant system as its top competitiveness of SIRBOT. Last year, RGT has acquired a patent for the recognition of transparent objects of autonomous robots. CEO Jeong said, “Robots equipped with LiDAR can cause spatial recognition errors when light is reflected on glass or marble at restaurants, but SIRBOT has implemented mapping technology that is not affected by sunlight or lighting.”

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<Ho-jung, Jeong, CEO of RGT>

RGT has also built in a system that links SIRBOT with the POS system, kitchen monitors, kiosk, and call bells. The serving robots can be summoned directly through the POS system and increase the efficiency of managing the restaurant industry by linking it with order management.

Earlier this March, RGT also released a model that allows ordering and payment directly with a serving robot. The investment from NICE Group for Series A has supported RGT for the implement of the payment function.

CEO Jeong also added, “RGT will focus on upgrading serving robots and utilize NICE Group’s financial infrastructure to further improve our services.”

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<RGT supplied ‘SIRBOT’ to Daejeon Jungang Underground Shopping Mall>

RGT is expected to emerge into the shopping complex delivery service through the POS system linkage function. Shopping complexes and underground shopping malls are considered blind spots due to the busy foot traffic the demand for delivery.

At the end of last year, RGT was selected by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for the “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G-based service robot convergence model demonstration project.” The service robot is currently being demonstrated at the Daejeon Jungang Underground Shopping Mall.

CEO Jeong said, “Robots will gradually have no choice but to perform simple, repetitive service tasks,” and added, “We will expand our business based on technology and become a leading service robot company in Korea.”

Reporter Yoon-sub, Song. sys@etnews.com