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ESTech has managed to localize silicon carbide (SiC) ingot manufacturing equipment, which is one of the best foreign products. It plans to supply equipment to Senic, a domestic power semiconductor material company. ESTech and Senic are stepping up their efforts to penetrate the market with the SiC business, which is considered to be a next-generation semiconductor material, as a new growth engine.

ESTech announced on the 12th that it will supply chemical vapor transmission (PVT) growth furnaces for SiC ingots to Senic in the second half of this year. It is an essential equipment for making SiC ingots, and and foreign manufacturers such as the United States, Japan, and Europe have dominated the market thus far. The price alone is in the tens of billions of won. The equipment developed by ESTech can manufacture 8-inch single-crystal SiC ingots, which are larger than the mainstream 4-inch and 6-inch SiC ingots in the market.

ESTech succeeded in developing equipment by collaborating with Senic, a company that is pursuing the power semiconductor business with SiC, which is known to be extremely heat resistance and can withstand high voltages. Senic, which received SiC material technology, facilities, and manpower from SKC last year, finally decided to adopt ESTech equipment with the goal of mass-producing single-crystal SiC wafers. They are currently testing prototypes.

When ESTech equipment is supplied to Senic and it actively begins mass producing SiC wafers, their collaboration is expected to become a representative example of domestic companies working together for the next-generation of power semiconductors.

Gab-ryeol Koo, CEO of Senic, said, “We are developing SiC wafers to meet the needs of power semiconductor customers as well as the electric vehicle market,” and, “We will work with domestic companies to contribute to the revitalization of SiC materials.”

ESTech's localization outcome was due to the technology accumulated by supplying the silicon ingot PVT growth furnace to the market. ESTech has established partnerships with domestic and foreign companies with their PVT equipment for the production of 8-inch single crystal silicon ingots and 12-inch ingots. By supplying single crystal silicon ingot PVT equipment to various global wafer manufacturers, their technological capacities became recognized. As it advances into the SiC market, it is expected to strengthen its equipment portfolio and diversify its profit channels.

ESTech decided to respond to the rapidly growing power semiconductor market with SiC PVT equipment. According to market research firm Yole Développement, the SiC market is showing high growth every year, with the market expected to grow significantly to $2.5 billion in 2025. Demand for SiC PVT equipment is expected to increase significantly as it is an essential equipment for power semiconductor manufacturing.

Young-jin Yook, head of ESTech's research center, said, "Using our experience in manufacturing semiconductor wafer equipment, we will apply precision control technology, secure mechanical reliability, and complete equipment development centered on domestic components for SiC growth equipment."

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By Staff Reporter Ji-woong Kim