Metaverse Hub, which supports fostering metabus companies, training talent, and content testing and demonstration, opened in last May. In order to create a leading foundation for the hyper-connected and ultra-realistic metabus new industry, the Ministry of Science and ICT reorganized the ICT-Culture Convergence Center located in Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do into a Metaverse Hub. As a Metaverse Hub tenant company, we met Ji Seung-hyun, CEO of "MCELL," a smart fiber company, and conducted an interview on the background of the growth.

Q. Please introduce what kind of company Mcell is.
A. Mcell is a coating technology-based startup that creates electronic fibers and smart fibers that can perform various functions by coating desired electronic materials on various fibers with high durability. The key to Mcell's coating technology is to prevent fibers from peeling off even if they are stretched, wrinkled, or washed. Based on these technologies, we can quantitatively measure our bodies through thermal mats, thermal clothing, and sensors that detect movement by coating various patterns or large areas, and measure our bio-signals to measure exercise and develop such future smart clothing.

Q. What was the recent collaboration with Huvis?
A. Huvis is a company that produces polyester raw materials in Korea, and through a business agreement with Huvis, it is now possible to create high-tech fibers in the future that are more reliable and price-competitive. In terms of products, we will pay more attention to combining cutting-edge technologies and creating future cutting-edge textile products in producing various mats and clothing. It is also receiving a lot of help by pioneering various sales channels and sharing sales lines like Huvis. On the contrary, Mcell is providing key technologies to enable Huvis to enter the future electronic fiber and smart fiber fields.

Q. What's your future vision?
A. Mcell aims to make clothing and bedding products equipped with advanced functions by taking a step forward from comfortable and convenient textile products. It will also enter the electric vehicle, mat, and smart clothing fields to exchange various technologies.

Electronic Times Internet Reporter Eunjung Judy Yu(