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Cloud companies expressed expectations for plans to use private clouds first in the public sector. On the other hand, there were mixed opinions on the structure of the public-private-partnership (PPP) project.
This was the result of a cloud policy perception survey conducted by the Korea Association of Cloud Industry on cloud suppliers.

The association collected opinions on the Ministry of Science and ICT's "3rd Basic Cloud Computing Plan" and the Ministry of the Interior and Safety's plan to convert and integrate information resources into clouds.

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◇ Expectations of supporting private cloud use

According to the results of the survey, 88.4% of respondents expressed overwhelming support for the impact of the "3rd Basic Cloud Computing Plan" promoted by the Ministry of Science and ICT on the development of the cloud industry.

Among the basic plans, the most positive policy was to prepare a private cloud use support system and to prioritize private cloud use in the public sector (55.8%). It is interpreted as a result of reflecting expectations for the spread of demand for cloud services. However, they also expressed their opinion that cloud companies need to be supplemented.

It was followed by the transformation of Software as a Service (23.3%) in the △ Software (SW) industry, the expansion of global expansion of cloud services (23.3%) and the strengthening of competitiveness in the △ cloud industry and fostering customized talent (14.0%).

As for the most necessary cloud policy, the improvement of cloud computing laws and systems was the highest at 31.4%. It is in the order of training and education support (20.9%) for △ professional manpower and budget support (17.4%) for technology development and technology transfer.

◇ Mixed opinions about public-private partnership models

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Among the "Information resource cloud conversion and integration promotion plans for administrative and public institutions," △ Cloud conversion of public and administrative services (4.1 points) and △ Private and Public Cloud Centers (4.1 points) were evaluated positively by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety.

However, public cloud centers established and operated by the government and public institutions were lower than the average positive scale (3.75), indicating that they were perceived somewhat negatively.

There were somewhat more negative opinions on the business structure of the public-private-partnership (PPP) model than positive opinions. 39.6% of respondents said they were negative and very negative, and 36% said they were positive and very positive.

77.9% of the business areas transferred to public cloud centers, excluding major systems such as national security, investigation, trial, and internal affairs, said private transfer is possible.

Dong-sik Yoon, President of the Korea Association of Cloud Industry, premised that the Ministry of Science and ICT's 3rd basic cloud computing plan is a welcome policy, and said, "As revealed in the survey, the government's public cloud conversion plan needs detailed plans based on clearer standards."

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