'Metaverse Hub' was opened in May to support development of Metaverse company in human resource development, and content testing and demonstration. The Ministry of Science and ICT reorganized the ICT-Culture Convergence Center located in Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do into a Metaverse hub to create a leading foundation for a new hyper-connected and hyper-realistic Metaverse industry. This magazine interviewed Jaebum Park, CEO of SAM Corporation, a company specializing in smart story production platforms as a resident company in the Metaverse Hub, about the background of its growth.
Q. What kind of company is SAM Corporation?
A. SAM Corporation is a media edu-tech company that develops programs to enhance creativity and imagination of users. Currently, we have produced Story Creator, Art Creator, Media Creator, and Music Creator. The integration of all of these programs is called 'We Creater.’ The first platform, Story Creator, is preparing for a global launch.
Q. What was the motive for developing Story Creator?
A. In the past, I taught students in 2015, and I came across situations where schools had a computer lab without necessary software programs. I had a desire to develop the students' ability to handle software programs. It seemed that having proper software programs could play a very important role in students' creative activities if students had access to teaching aids such as ‘storyboards.’
Q. Could you tell us more about the Story Creator?
A. Story Creator has also been developed in the form of a board game, and has launched an online platform with additional features. The essential elements such as characters, backgrounds, and events to create a story are divided into layers, and a single scene can be directly created by students freely by combining and merging the layers. In addition, features such as subtitle and narrations can be recorded and uploaded directly, and the subtitle in the scenario can be read by artificial intelligence to easily create multimedia video works.
Q. Are there any further development plans for Story Creator?
A. Story Creator version 1.5 will be updated at the end of this year, and a timeline will be added. The goal is to develop a platform that is easy and simple to make videos without software training, so that people of all ages can create their own videos. In the future, block chain technology will be installed to create a system that allows others to generate revenue by not only managing copyright but also transacting and using content when version 2.0 is developed. For example, when designers and professional writers upload their contents, a third party uses it after paying for a fee.
Q. What is the ultimate goal of SAM Corporation?
A. Our ultimate goal is to share stories with people around the world through a platform that builds a worldview called Story Creator. Furthermore, it is the vision of 'We Creator' and SAM Corporation to connect to the Metaverse world.

Electronic Times Internet Reporter Eunjung Judy Yu(judy6956@etnews.com)