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Korea Metal Silicon Co., Ltd. (KMS) will cooperate with Canada’s Neo Battery Materials Ltd. (NBM) to supply raw materials for the production of prototype for silicon anode materials. The company plans to enter the electric vehicle anode material market by supplying nano-silicon powder, the main raw materials for neo-battery silicon anode.
According to the industry on the 20th, KMS and NBM will cooperate to supply nano-silicon powder for the production of silicon anode material prototype.
Silicon powder is a raw material used to make new products in various industries such as semiconductor and solar power. KMS supplies the silicon powder as a main raw material for silicon anode material of secondary batteries by reducing the silicon powder to nano-size. The smaller the powder size, the better the silicon anode material can reach its potential while preventing volume expansion. The company explains breaking the silicon anode powder to nano-size can increase its energy capacity while preventing its volume expansion, and achieves cost competitiveness as well.
Silicon anode materials are attracting attention as a next-generation materials for electric vehicle battery by enhancing the energy performance and increasing the charging speed of secondary batteries.
KMS’ nano-silicon powder will be used as a silicon anode material for electric vehicle batteries. NBM is a Canadian battery material manufacturer. KMS and NBM are aiming to develop the silicon anode materials in order to commercialize them. The companies aim to produce 100% silicon anode materials from raw materials collected from its mines. NBM representative said, “We plan to be competitive in the market lower cost production by securing a supply chain of raw materials for the production of silicon anode materials.”
KMS plans to expand the supply of nano-silicon powder to domestic and foreign battery companies with the neo-battery. KMS is currently supplying the nano-silicon powder to major battery companies in Korea and overseas. The KMS’ business opportunities expects to grow as the silicon anode material market expands.
KMS official said, “We are supplying the silicon powder to domestic and foreign companies such as LG Energy Solution, Samsung SDI, and Panasonic. We believe that raw material supply opportunities will expand as the silicon anode market expects to grow gradually.”
KMS is producing 240 tons of silicon powder per year at its plant in Yeongwol, Gangwon-do. The company is obtaining the technology to break apart the silicon mass into 150-500 nanometers size. KMS expects to expand the supply of the silicon powder in the electric vehicle battery market since KMS’ technology allows cheaper production cost compared to using pyrolysis method.
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