TLi has commercialized driver IC (integrated circuit) for MicroLED driver boards. What is special about the company’s driver IC is that it is able to materialize high-quality MicroLED with smaller number of chips compared to other driver ICs. TLi plans to work with companies that manufacture MicroLED displays and start mass-production of the driver IC in the second half.
TLi announced on Monday that it has developed a driver IC ‘TL3103UD’ for common-cathode type LED driver boards. Common-cathode type is able to drastically reduce amount of power consumption compared to common-anode type.
TLi is a fabless company that designs timing controller and LED driver IC that are key semiconductors of a display panel. Based on its experience and knowhow in developing common-anode type IC last year, it has now developed common-cathode type IC and diversified a portfolio of its products. Although anode-type driver ICs are the ones that are commonly used, it has decided to commercialize cathode type IC to prepare for the future.
What is special about the company’s driver IC is that it is able to materialize high-resolution MicroLED display despite the small number of chips.
“While display manufacturers have to use six LED driver ICs from Taiwanese and Chinese companies to materialize a high-resolution MicroLED display, they only have to use single LED driver IC from us to materialize the same display.” said a representative from TLi. “This will allow display manufacturers to secure competitive edge in driver board prices and optimize their display designs.”

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<TLi’s IC for MicroLED driver board>

Display manufacturers can also secure reliability in PCB (printed circuit board) due to simplified circuit design.
Also, display manufacturers can utilize TLi’s PWM (pulse width modulation) technology in order to have their products display clear and high-quality pictures without any distortion when high refresh rate is required. The technology also minimizes EMI (electro magnetic interference) issue which is a chronic issue of LED systems and it prevents flickering or surrounding LED interference phenomenon.
TLi is currently supplying samples of TL3103UD to South Korean MicroLED signage manufacturers and LED module manufacturers and Chinese companies. It plans to start mass-production in the second half at the earliest and it expects MicroLED displays applied with its driver ICs to be released next year.
A representative from TLi said that the company is now able to compete against Chinese and Taiwanese companies in the MicroLED driver IC market and that the company will put in efforts to make contributions to the MicroLED market that has huge potential for growth and expandability.
Staff Reporter Kwon, Dongjoon |