A South Korean SME (small and medium enterprise) has begun working on a memory virtual solution with a goal of launching the solution by the end of the year. It plans to replace foreign products with its solution in fields such as SDDC (software defined data center) and cloud where memory use is very high and eventually target foreign markets as well.
Eom Sang-ho, who is the CEO of Sysgear, said on Monday that the company is currently working on a memory virtual solution after relevant technologies were transferred over from the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute and that the company plans to launch a prototype sometime in May and an official product sometime at the end of the year. CEO Eom also added that the company plans to actively target the market with key partners from South Korea and other countries.
Memory virtualization technology gathers resources remaining from memories of different devices and machines through virtualization technology and utilizes them. For example, 40% remaining memory from a device can be transferred over to memory of a different device.
It utilizes unused resources, maximizes memory use, and increases processing speed.
Foreign companies such as VMware and Citrix Systems are currently the leaders in virtualization technology used in servers and storages. Another foreign company called ScaleMP is a leader in the field of memory virtualization. However, there is not any key developer in South Korea that specializes the field.

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<Developers from Sysgear are testing an active memory expansion solution in order to create a software-defined data center. Staff Reporter Park, Jiho | jihopress@etnews.com>

The ETRI has been investing in development of memory virtualization technology since 2018. It decided that its technology was ready to be transferred and made a public announcement about the transfer. Out of many potential candidates, it decided to transfer the technology to Sysgear that displayed excellent technical skills and potential for growth.
“We expressed our strong will towards localization of a memory virtual solution.” said CEO Eom. “The transfer process was smooth due to our technical skills and supplement of related personnel.”
As ICT infrastructures become automated and level of utilization of software (SW) becomes higher, virtualization that improves utilization of resources and convenience level in management is a must. Particularly, memory virtualization technology is expected to be utilized very much in many different fields such as SDDC and cloud.
“Although SDDC virtualizes every element such as server and storage into SW, the market is not ready yet for memory virtualization.” said CEO Eom. “Because there are high demands for memory virtualization from companies that are looking to build their own SDDCs or data centers and from the private cloud field as well, we expect to see positive results as long as localization process goes smoothly.”
Sysgear plans to target both the domestic and foreign markets at the same time when it officially releases a memory virtual solution at the end of this year.
“We expect that we will be able to save at least $18 million (20 billion KRW) for companies by replacing foreign products with our solution.” said CEO Eom. “We are in close touch with a global partner regarding our overseas business and we plan to target the North American market first starting from next year and we expect to see positive results from overseas business as well.”
Staff Reporter Kim, Jiseon | river@etnews.com