Idea Concert Co., Ltd. (CEO Dalyong Jeon), a company in the ICT Culture Convergence Center, which is operated by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, said that they're ready to launch automatic webtoon translation tool Toontra(webtoon+translation), after launching TOONIVIE which converts webtoon into videos.

Idea Concert is a cultural technology company that develops technologies that can make, utilize and promote content well, and is specialized in technology that makes picture contents such as webtoons into video. Since development began in 2016, it is now more recognized abroad than in Korea.

The first project, "TOONIVIE," has been commercialized and produces about 120 images per month through the project. So far, the accumulated content will reach 1,500, and the produced videos will be supplied through IPTV, VOD and YouTube channels.

The webtoon automatic translation tool called 'Toontra' that will be released this time has a function that automatically extracts, translates, and even inputs text considering the unique characteristics of the content called speech bubble. In particular, the editor's ability to remove the text of speech balloons and relocate them within speech balloons has increased practicality. Compared to the previous work, he can complete the work in 30 minutes, which dramatically reduced his working time.

"If webtoon translation technology is applied in a stable manner, we will focus on the video side," said CEO Jeon Dal-yong. "Our goal is to develop dubbing technology that allows one person to make multiple voices in the future."

Electronic Times Internet Reporter Eunjung Judy Yu(