LG Display is preparing to supply its Mini LED backlight LCDs to Apple. Its new display uses a small LED as the backlight and has improved performance in brightness and contrast ratio. Because it is reported that Apple will look to actively use Mini Led LCDs starting with iPads early next year and other products such as MacBook and iMac, there are expected to be changes in the global LCD market and to LCD technology.
According to the industry on November 1, LG Display plans to supply its Mini LED backlight LCDs to Apple. These LCDs are expected to be used for Apple’s new iPads that will be released early next year.
The supply chain for Mini LED backlight LCDs is also finalized. Epistar based in Taiwan will supply Mini LEDs while TSMT that is also based in Taiwan will be responsible for mounting of Mini LEDs (Surface Mount Technology).
LG Display will then add its LCDs to modules and make and supply finalized displays.
It is likely that LG Display begin mass-production at the end of this year. It is reported that Apple will release its new iPads sometime during the first quarter of next year.
Mini LED is a LED that is smaller than LEDs that are currently used for TVs, lighting, and cars. Because it is about 50% smaller than normal LEDs, more Mini LEDs can be used for single display than normal LEDs.
As a result, Mini LED helps provide a brighter and clearer screen. Not only does it improve brightness and contrast, it is also able to display black color even clearer through “local dimming” technology that partially controls LEDs.
A spokesperson from the display industry said that Mini LED backlight LCD is able to provide a screen that is closest to the reality as it drastically improves contrast ratio.

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<A bird’s-eye view of LG Display’s Paju Complex (Source: LG Display)>

It is likely that Apple was impressed with this strength of Mini LED backlight LCD and decided to use it for its products.
This will be the first time Apple will use Mini LED backlight LCDs for its products. Because it is reported that Apple will use them for many of its products, there will be significant changes to the LCD industry.
It is expected that LCDs that are used for laptops, tablets, and monitors will be replaced with Mini LED backlight LCDs and there will be new markets in the LED industry due to increased demands for Mini LEDs. This will also create a fierce competition with the OLED base that has been looking to expand itself towards the medium and large display markets that include laptops and tablets.
During a performance conference call that was held October 22, LG Display hinted a transition of its business towards Mini LED by stating that it would strengthen its competitive edge in IT products such as laptops and tablets that use LCDs.
It has been confirmed that the company plans to regularize Mini LED backlight LCD business. Besides Apple, the company is also in contract with other PC, laptop, monitor manufacturers such as Lenovo and LG Electronics about supplying Mini LED backlight LCDs.
“Starting with Apple, other IT device manufacturers will also follow Apple’s suit in using Mini LED backlight LCDs.” said a representative from the display industry. “This trend will bring huge changes to the global LCD market.”
Regarding the supply of Mini LED backlight LCDs to Apple, LG Display stated that it cannot disclose any information related to its customers.
Staff Reporter Yun, Geonil | benyun@etnews.com