Samsung Electronics has developed the world’s smallest power inductor that is needed in order to supply power from battery to semiconductor.
The company announced on September 13 that it has developed a power inductor that is 0.8mm in width and 0.4mm in length. The width and length are shorter than that of 1210 (1.2mm and 1.0mm in width and length respectively) that is currently the smallest power inductor for mobile devices on the market. Its thickness is also very thin at only 0.65mm. The company announced that it would supply its new power inductor to multinational mobile device manufacturers.
Performance of power inductor is generally determined by magnetic material and number of copper coils. To have better performance, characteristics of magnetic material need to be improved and more coils need to be wrapped out in a limited space.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics explained that it was able to develop the world’s smallest power inductor with less chance of losing power by applying its semiconductor substrate manufacturing method and material manufacturing technologies that it has developed by manufacturing multi-layer ceramic condenser. It also added that it has improved productivity by using substrate to manufacture power inductors rather than manufacturing them individually.

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<The world’s smallest power inductor developed by Samsung Electro-Mechanics>

In addition, it emphasized that it has developed a raw material that is applied with nano-level ultrafine powder and succeeded in spacing out coils very finely by applying photosensitization method (method of engraving circuit using light).
“As electronic products become more advanced, components that make up these products need to be smaller and more advanced as well.” said Heo Kang-heon who is the director of Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ Corporate R&D Institute. “We have pursued convergence between technologies and we believe that our power inductor will grow as the second multi-level ceramic condenser.”
It is expected that demands for micro power inductors will quickly grow as electronic devices become more advanced and global markets for wearable devices and 5G telecommunications grow. Samsung Electro-Mechanics expects that number of micro power inductors equipped inside of electronic devices will increase by more than 20% every year.
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