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The Plan G (CEO Kyungah Lee), a company in the ICT Culture Convergence Center operated by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, has revealed that a Hindi version of Odinga English will be released on Google store on this coming 1st of August (Sat).
Odinga English is an app that uses AI to learn and practice English speaking, aimed at younger students, where the user acts as an English teacher who teaches a character from space called Odinga with the help of an English professor. The metacognitive learning method utilizing the student effect and a spiral education model curriculum come together with the character story, allowing the student to practice and improve their English speaking skills without help from their parents through a fun role-playing method.
Odinga English is characterized by its use of voice recognition and AI technology to naturally induce repetitive learning. The Hindi version released is the first of many foreign language versions to be added, and it has added Hindi to Odinga English.
Whilst maintaining the cute characters that children generally enjoy, as well as its characteristics as a game, the contents have taken account of the cultural diversity in India, and has been localized with the help of experts, to allow local children to study English speaking without difficulties.
Kyungah Lee, the CEO of the Plan G, revealed that, “Not only is India one of the larger markets with the potential of a population of 1.3 billion, but with regular school life becoming difficult with the spread of Corona virus and the subsequent lockdown from the Indian government, the demand for non-face-to-face online education has exploded within India,” and went on to explain that, “as it is expected that the number of people that use mobile devices will reach 85% of all households by 2024, and meet the ubiquitous era with the personalization of education, the importance of mobile-based, innovative online educational apps is quickly revealing itself.”
She said that, “the fact that it is an English speaking country but only has 10% of the population that can speak English fluently and has a great need to learn English, and the reality of Indian education, which can vary greatly in quality between regions, and is feeling a need for newer and more creative educational methods, are the reasons why Odinga English is releasing the Hindi version first”. She went on to reveal, “We plan to introduce K-educational methods to the Indian market through the Hindi version of Odinga English.”
The Plan G is currently preparing to release versions of Odinga English for Indonesia and Vietnam, and plans to create and release coding education content in the future, spreading K-edu to the global education market.

Electronic Times Internet Reporter Eunjung Judy Yu(