StarinTech (CEO Moon Kyung-mi) announced that it would launch its platform ‘TryAngle’ that is for startups on the 11th of next month. TryAngle is a contest for startups, which provides practical benefits for the startups selected by the judges.
TryAngle’s first focus is on blockchain. It is going to select ten domestic as well as foreign blockchain projects during the contest which takes five weeks.
“TryAngle is going to select startups with high potential so that they ones can receive support from the public.” said CEO Moon Kyung-mi of StarinTech. “It is going to unfold stories of the startups with technology-centered media.”
For the season 1, MXC Exchange, BitForex, and OKEx Korea will be the judges. Each judge will select one team, out of ten teams total. Three teams that are selected will be listed on their exchanges for free. Other seven teams that are not selected will be given preference over others by each exchange when they are looking to be listed and they will be also connected to global investors.
Blockchain projects that are looking to participate can register through TryAngle’s official website ( Preliminary screening will focus on white papers and business models of each blockchain project. Starting from the 11th of next month and every Monday evening for five weeks, ten teams that are selected will be given time to talk about their projects. Their presentations will be broadcasted live through NaverTV, YouTube, and Tencent and they will be available in Korean, Chinese, and English. Ranking will be based on votes from the public and evaluations by the judges.
Registration process will take place until the 1st of next month. Ten teams that are selected will be unveiled to the public at the first event that will be held at INOSPACE on the 11th. (Inquiry: