KakaoBank is planning to apply Cloud to every task to enhance its IT data processing infrastructures. This is part of its project to drastically enhance level of convenience and security of internet bank and to make its task more efficient. KakaoBank’s upper management team has already agreed to apply Cloud technology. It will be interesting to see whether KakaoBank will be the first in the industry to apply Cloud technology to financial services.
KakaoBank is going to apply public Cloud to its major tasks one by one. Recently, South Korea’s financial authorities revised electronic financial supervisory regulations so that financial data can be operated within an outside Cloud environment. It has become possible for financial industries to utilize Cloud service starting from the 1st of January.
According to revised regulations, personal credit information can also be used through Cloud. Financial companies can utilize Cloud to provide services such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) consultation, product development, and data analysis and they can also improve their financial tasks through MyData and others at a low cost. KakaoBank is predicting that it will be able to improve various tasks and create synergy by increasing level of perfection of ‘Mobile First Strategy’ that will result from application of Cloud.

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<KakaoBank is looking into applying Cloud technology to IT data processing infrastructures. KakaoBank’s engineers are monitoring bank transactions and traffic in real-time.>

Countermeasures against accidents and disasters are very important for KakaoBank that has a command of mobile strategies. It will be easier for KakaoBank to create an environment that will allow KakaoBank to take preemptive measures against security threats by introducing Cloud. Also, it will become easier to apply financial services into future technologies through Smart IT systems such as Big Data, AI, and Cloud.
Reason why KakaoBank became the first commercial bank to internalize every data processing system including accounts into x86 and Linux is because it wanted to prepare for such changes. Fact that it has applied open sources to various areas and is equipped with open IT infrastructures allows it to respond to such changes at the right time. It already lowered entry barriers that are necessary for it to apply Cloud technology. “We are looking from many angles.” said a representative for KakaoBank. “We started applying Cloud technology since we established our IT Data Processing Center and we are currently looking into applying Cloud technology to every task as it is now allowed for financial companies to apply Cloud technology to their businesses.”
KakaoBank will become the first financial company to have real-time data backup system and to introduce Cloud-based banking services when it applies Cloud technology. KakaoBank’s goal for this year is to secure 10 million customers through IT improvement.
Staff Reporter Gil, Jaeshik | osolgil@etnews.com