Samsung Electronics has decided to release ‘Galaxy Note 8’ in South Korea on the 15th of September. Because news that LG Electronics will also release its ‘V30’ on the same day was reported through some foreign press, industries are interested on whether or not ‘Galaxy Note 8’ and ‘V30’ will be released on the same day.
Samsung Electronics has set a plan to introduce Galaxy Note 8 in New York on the 23rd of August (U.S. time) and officially release Galaxy Note 8 in South Korean markets on the 15th of September.
“We are going to sell Galaxy Note 8 starting from the 15th of September.” said a representative for a mobile network provider. “Its price has not been set yet.”
“Samsung Electronics decided on the release date of Galaxy Note 8.” said a representative for a different mobile network provider. “There is almost zero chance that it will change the release date of Galaxy Note 8.”
Release date of Galaxy Note 8 is about a month later than the release date of Galaxy Note 7 (8/19/2016). Gap between introduction and actual release date of Galaxy Note 8 is about 5 days more than that of Galaxy Note 7. This is Samsung Electronics’ strategy to induce interests from consumers while minimizing lack of early supplies.
Preorder dates for Galaxy Note 8 are still unknown. However mobile network providers are thinking about 10 days to 14 days of preorder period in order to provide enough opportunities for consumers to experience Galaxy Note 8 before deciding to make a purchase.
Experts are estimating that sales volume of Galaxy Note 8 will be the biggest ever out of all Galaxy Note models as Galaxy Note 8 is practically a new Galaxy Note that is being released after 2 years due to recall of entire Galaxy Note 7s. They are predicting that demands for Galaxy Note 8 will be much higher than any other times as Samsung Electronics is also selling only 400,000 Galaxy Note FEs.
As Samsung Electronics decided on the release date of its second-half strategic Smartphone in South Korea, industries are interested on when LG Electronics is going to release its second-half strategic Smartphone.
Although LG V30 was introduced about a week later than Galaxy Note 8, it is likely that its release date in South Korea will be similar to that of Galaxy Note 8. Foreign press predicted that LG Electronics will be the first to release V30 in South Korea on the 15th of September.
Due to this report, a possibility of a rare situation where Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics releasing their premium Smartphones on the same day cannot be excluded.
On the other hand, it is heard that Galaxy Note 8 has 6.3-inch screen, Exynos 8895 chipset, 6GB RAM, 64 and 128GB internal memories, 13-MP and 12-MP dual-cameras, and 3,300mAh battery. It is vertically longer than Galaxy S8 Plus and its characteristic is its reduced bezeless design.
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