Samsung Electronics is planning to introduce ‘Galaxy Note 8’, which is the next model of Galaxy Note 7, in New York in August.
According to electronics industries on the 20th, Samsung Electronics is going to held an unpack event during second half of August in New York and introduce its second-half strategic Smartphone called Galaxy Note 8. It is heard that Samsung Electronics is thinking deeply about a possible release date which will be during the third or the fourth week of August.
Although it was heard that Samsung Electronics is going to introduce Galaxy Note 8 at ‘IFA 2017’, which is the biggest European home appliance exhibition that is going to take place in Berlin in September, it seems that it has pushed forward the release date little bit due to iPhone 8 that is going to be released during similar time.

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Galaxy Note 8 is going to succeed Galaxy S8’s design as it is going to have an edge display that is curved at the edges and large infinity display. It is expected that size of display is going to be 6.3 inches and it is also going to be applied with AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant called Bixby and iris scanner.
It is heard that Galaxy Note 8 is going to be the first Samsung Electronics’ premium Smartphone to have a dual-camera. However it is not sure whether or not Galaxy Note 8 is going to have a fingerprint recognition sensor embedded into a display. Some say that Samsung Electronics has dropped this idea as it recently collided with security issues with foreign press at the center.
“Although it was predicted that Apple and Samsung will be the first ones to introduce first Smartphones with in-display fingerprint recognition sensors , there is a possibility that VIVO will be the first one to do so according to a recent video put out by VIVO.” said an IT media called SamMobile.
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