LG is pushing for ‘display plant’ business that constructs facilities for LCD panels for others. It has been confirmed that Materials & Production engineering Research Institute (PRI), which is under LG Electronics, recently presented ‘turnkey’ method to Indian Government and Indian businesses for lay-out of LCD production lines and installation of equipment. This plant business that constructs and provides entire display facilities for others is a new business that is attempted by LG for the first time.
According to industries on the 5th, PRI and Vedanta Group’s Twintower Display are going to push for construction of 8th generation LCD production lines in Nagpur that is located in middle-west region of India. Although PRI was a group that researched into production technologies during early days of its establishment, it has been mass-producing equipment with its own brand and supplying equipment to markets since last year.
Main point of PRI’s proposal lies on the fact that PRI will construct LCD panel lines for Indian companies. It is going to map out LCD production lines according to conditions in India and supply equipment to corresponding lines based on LG’s affiliates’ partners’ network. Its goal is to establish new display plant business model based on LG Display’s experiences and know-hows in producing LCD panels.
Fact that LG is going to map out entire production lines and supply all equipment through turnkey method is a first attempt out of entire display industries.
“Since middle of last year, PRI has been providing and actively responding to consulting for lay-out of LCD production lines.” said a representative for LG’s partner. “PRI also inquired many equipment companies on whether or not they can enter Indian markets along with PRI.”
Vedanta Group has joined hands with Indian Government and is examining technologies that are needed for production of LCD panels and size of investments. Possibility of establishment of joint-corporate between Twinstar Display and Indian Government is also being brought up.
If LG succeeds in this project in India, it sees that it will be able to supply production lines for new components and finished products through turnkey method in long-term. LG has high expectations that this project will be its new driving force.
“PRI requested its partners’ cooperation while carrying out consulting regarding establishment of LCD production lines in India.” said a representative for an industry. “Although it will still take couple months in order for an official decision, major personnel are currently working with PRI.”
Staff Reporter Bae, Okjin | withok@etnews.com