Samsung Electronics is going to release more than 20 kinds of curved TVs to global TV markets. Unlike how its competitors such as LG Electronics and SONY have excluded curved TVs from their new products in 2017, Samsung Electronics is going to continue to grow curved TV markets. Industries are interested on what kind of results Samsung Electronics will eventually have as it is the only top-tier TV manufacturer to release curved TVs in 2017.
According to industries on the 23rd, Samsung Electronics is planning to introduce total of 22 curved TV models centered on large premium TVs that are 65 inches or bigger.
This is more than the number of curved TV models (10) that were introduced last year. Especially for this year, Samsung Electronics has all of its curved TVs 65 inches or bigger.
Samsung Electronics is going to introduce curved ‘QLED TV’, which is Samsung Electronics’ highest lineup in TVs, and premium LCD TV called ‘MU series’. Sizes of TVs will be diverse from 65 inches to 88 inches.
This action is completely different from LG Electronics and SONY. LG Electronics and SONY have excluded curved TVs from their new products in 2017 because they believe that curved TVs have narrow angle of view and are more expensive than flat TVs with same sizes. LG Electronics is especially pushing for OLED TVs. Because OLED TVs do not need backlight units, flat TVs are more favorable in order to maximize strengths of ultra-thin OLED panels. OLED TV W, which is heard as ‘wallpaper TV’, can also be implemented on flat surface.

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<‘Q8’ series which is Samsung Electronics’ premium TV ‘QLED TV’ applied with curved design>

However Samsung Electronics believes that marketability of curved TVs is still enough in TV markets. Biggest reason why it is continuing to push for curved TVs is because its sales volume is continuing to grow. Actually it is heard that sales volume of Samsung Electronics’ curved TVs in 2016 increased by more than 50% compared to 2015.
Because curved TV is a large premium product, increase in sales leads to improvement in profitability. Fact that curved TVs are very popular in Asian countries such as China where size of markets is huge is another reason why Samsung Electronics is focusing on curved TVs.
Predictions from global markets are in disagreement. Market research company called IHS announced that 8.32 million curved TVs were sold worldwide in 2016 and estimated that this number will surpass 10 million and reach 11.04 million in 2017. It also estimated that sales volume of curved TVs will be about 10.31 million in 2018. In a short term, sales volume of curved TVs is positive. However IHS is estimating that this number will gradually decrease in long term as sales volume of curved TVs will drop to 9.59 million and 7.67 million in 2019 and 2020 respectively.
“Although global TV markets are being stagnant, markets for large premium TVs that are 60 inches or bigger are continuing to grow every year between 20 and 30%.” said a representative for Samsung Electronics. “Percentages of curved TVs that have high sense of immersion in large TV markets are showing continuous upward trend and they are also very popular in foreign countries such as China.”
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<■Prediction of global markets for curved TVs ▲Sales volume Δ2014: 1.68 million Δ2015: 4.71 million Δ2016: 8.32 million Δ2017: 11.04 million Δ2018: 10.31 million Δ2019: 9.59 million Δ2020: 7.67 million Reference: IHS>